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What To Do Before Selling Away Your MAC

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 I am wondering what you are doing to do with your Mac before selling it ? that is why i am writing this ,so let’s talk about what we should do here ,personally,there are 4 things that you need to do, if You don’t want to accidentally sell your Mac computer to a stranger .

 1: Back UP
 2: Sign Out
 3: clean and erase everything
 4: Reinstall a clean operating system

1: Back Up Your Mac

If you have a new Mac and so you can transfer all your personal files from old Mac to new Mac or use time machine backup. If you don’t have new Mac but you want to sell your old Mac then just make sure that you back up your all personal files that you should use your personal files in the future.

  • How To Enable Time Machine Backup On Your Mac:
  1. From the Apple, menu select the system preference
  2. Then click on the time machine
  3. After this click the select backup disk and also select the disk that you want to backup
  4. Now check the automatically box

2: Sign Out Everything

All the things you signed in are used by you so you have signed out everything like iTunes, iMessage, and iCloud to avoid the other problems.

  • How To Sign Out Form iTunes:
  1. First, open iTunes
  2. On the left side of your screen click on the account option
  3. Now click on sign out

  • Sign Out From iCloude:
  1. First click on the Apple icon that is present on the upper left corner
  2. Form the drop down menu click on system preference
  3. After this click on iCloud
  4. Now untick the box
  5. After this enter your password
  6. Click on the sign-out and click on the remove files when the option shows on your screen
  • Sign Out From iMessage:

  1. First, open the messages
  2. In the menu bar that is present at the top left side, click messages
  3. From the drop-down menu click on the preferences
  4. Now select iMessage account and click on sign out

3: Erase Everything On Your Mac With SafeWiper

When your all personal files is backed up and you also signed out from everything,don’t ignore or forget to do this step for your Mac ,You need to completely clean up any important files or personal images that are stored on your Mac to protect your privacy (don’t just delete them manually), like what i did ,use the SafeWiper tool to erase everything from Mac ,It’s amazing that no one can restore everything after they were deleted by it .

  1. First,get SafeWiper and install on your Mac

(You can download SafeWiper tool on here )

  1. Run it and select a wiping option
  2. After this , select the files to delete permanently
  3. Start delete them from your Mac

4: Reinstall A Clean Operating System On Mac

When all the process is done and you clean your Mac hard drive then your Mac is ready to install a clean operating system Remember that your Mac is connected to the internet to perform this step

  1. Restart your Mac again and when it starting hold down the Command + R keys from your keyboard
  2. After this, you have to click on the Reinstall and then click on continue
  3. When it asked to select your hard then you have to select your hard drive
  4. After selecting the disk click on the install and your Mac automatically restart when your installation process is complete
  5. After the complete installation hold down the Command + Q and don’t follow any instructions leave all part for the new user of your Mac
  6. Now all done and click on shut down to shut down your Mac

Now your Mac is totally clean and ready for new owner. The new owner will complete the setup and install the new operating system that is available.


Having done all that, you can selling it without worry ,don’t worry about your privacy being discovered.


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