What to Look for When Adding a Co-founder to Your Company

By Sunil Sonkar
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What to Look for When Adding a Co-founder to Your Company

In starting a business, being a “co-founder” means more than just a name. It is, in fact, a big deal. It shows that the people who started the company are on a team together. They share the job and own the company. This matters not just in India’s busy startups but everywhere in the world. It tells us how important these folks are in making a new business successful.


A co-founder is not merely present at the inception but is instrumental in crafting the vision and goals of the company as well. They do big things like creating the product, finding ways to sell it, making sure everything works well, and taking care of the money stuff.  When co-founders team up and use their different skills, it makes the startup grow faster and do well.

Integral to the effectiveness of this partnership is the co-founder’s agreement, which is a legal document that delineates the rights and responsibilities of each founding member. This agreement is not just a usual thing, but it is like the foundation of the company. It sets up how things work, defines how everyone works together and simultaneously also makes sure everyone follows the rules.

When startups start, the co-founder’s agreement is like a guide. It helps them know the important stuff that decides where the company is going. This paper is like a map for the business trip. It helps decide how to invest money, share resources and split profits as well. It makes sure everyone understands the plan and works together without any problems.

Besides the basic stuff, a good co-founder’s agreement should also talk about how things work day-to-day, making big decisions and dealing with tough times. It is like a flexible paper that changes as the company grows. It adjusts to how things are going in the business and what each person is doing.

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