What You Need to Keep Employees Secure

By Srikanth
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What You Need to Keep Employees Secure 1

Keeping people feeling good and comfortable at the place where they spend hours every workday is essential from a societal point of view. Even if employers were interested solely in their own bottom line, they should understand that employees can’t deliver their best work when they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.


Whatever the motivation, keeping employees feeling safe and secure is a necessity. Let’s check out a few ways to do this.

Proximity Cards

Giving employees proximity cards from a leading security product supplier is an excellent way to keep them safe. Proximity cards have sophisticated security features. The unique numbers on each card pass through the proximity card reader, and if it determines there’s a match, the door unlocks!

This technology can’t be duplicated the way physical keys can. Companies and organizations can issue the cards easily and control specifically which doors they can and can’t open. Getting granular control of who can access what door makes security easy for organizations.

Keeping employees safe starts with barring unauthorized people from where they’re not supposed to be. Proximity cards are an excellent, easy security solution.

Safety Policies

Sometimes, there are issues at work between colleagues at different levels of seniority. A safe workplace ensures that everybody has a mechanism for reporting issues, which can be difficult when their issue is with a superior with more power and pull at the company.

HR needs to take this seriously and not just give lip service to the idea of supporting low-level employees. Of course, ideally, corporate culture and good leaders prevent anything from arising in the first place! However, no workplace has total control over what everybody in the organization does. They can control what they do in response, though.

Transparency and Financial Commitment

Safety and security exist on different levels. People need to feel physically safe at work, but to feel psychologically safe means enjoying job security. How can workplaces give their employees this feeling?

Ideally, they are in a position where they can in fact employ them for the long term. If so, communicate this clearly. If not, transparency goes a long way. Employees don’t always expect to be in the same position years down the road, but there should be some type of mutual understanding about the job’s potentiality and where things can go.

Don’t dangle a dead-end job in people’s faces to get them to work harder by telling them there’s room for growth and that they have a long future with the company if this isn’t remotely true. It’s bad ethically, and it also promotes a toxic culture that can backfire on the business.

Companies need to grow profits so there’s money to keep the business running, pay employees, and keep the lights on. They also have ethical and sometimes legal obligations to ensure their employees are safe in the workplace. Keep the above tips in mind, and your teams will feel better at work, which could also boost their performance.

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