What’s new in Windows 10X: Complete Feature List

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Are you wondering if you should update to Windows 10x?

Windows is going to launch the latest addition in its operating systems later this year. Surprisingly, users got to know about most of its specifications through an online leak.


However, it does not look like a usual update from Windows. There are a lot of changes that can affect your current working habits.

Thus, we did the heavy work of testing the early model to prepare this guide for you.Without any further ado, let’s dive deep into it.

What is Windows 10X

Initially, Windows 10X was all about dual-screen devices. However, the authorities said that users would be able to use the OS initially on laptops.

It looks like Windows 10X uses Windows Core OS for the operation. That means you can run all the traditional applications without any setback. Moreover, the dual-screen support allows developers to use the feature in endlessly creative ways.

Let’s say you are a designer looking forward to creating your next masterpiece. You can use the surface pen on one screen and your hand on the second one to shift between tools in no time. Thereby, you can increase your productivity without worrying about accidentally scratching over your design. We recommend to check out these best ink apps for the surface pen that can use the dual-screen feature to their benefits.

One of the significant updates in the Windows 10X OS is the new layout. It offers the compose mode for users to lift their productivity. Watch the below video to understand the visual difference better: (Embed video)

New Features in Windows 10X OS

User interface

Windows 10X has a slightly different user interface. Still, you can find all the functions operating similarly. For instance, it still has the taskbar, the start menu button, and the file explorer on the desktop screen. However, you won’t find the animated app tiles that you see in the smartphone OS.

Besides, the start menu now has a new location, which is more towards the center of the screen. Also, the home screen seems divided into two parts by default.

Dynamic wallpapers

Windows 10X brings a range of dynamic wallpapers in action. Currently, users can use the mountain wallpaper with morning, afternoon, evening, and night variants that changes according to the time in your area. However, you can find designers creating custom wallpaper to just the feature as soon as Windows launch the OS.

Allows Trusted Apps Only

Unlike other variants of Windows, 10X does not allow users to make custom tweaks using third-party apps. For instance, you can tweak the taskbar color in Windows 10, but not in Windows 10X.

It looks like Windows is finally working to improve its infamous security risks. The OS strictly supports the apps downloaded from the Windows Store only. However, you can install an app from your USB or download it from a secondary website only if it has a good reputation among users. Microsoft has not spoken on the topic in detail yet. Therefore, it would be interesting to see the impact of this decision on Windows security bugs.

Registry cleaners

It is one of the most surprising updates in Windows 10X. The registry is a hierarchical database that stores low-level settings of your OS. Consider it to be the admission book for every software and hardware for better understanding. Registry creates a new key for every hardware and software available on the computer system. Without this registration, it is impossible to operate a device or application.

People use registry cleaners to optimize their OS performance. But, windows 10X does not allow any interference with the structure. Moreover, they have increased the security for apps permission. For instance, a music app would require a robust API to fetch the audio files. Windows will block the program if it asks for extra information.

Besides that, say goodbye to registry cleaners app like CCleaner and Advanced Care System.

No anti-malware software

Since Windows 10X is a read-only OS permitting only trusted apps for installation, it denies the need for anti-malware software. Most of the malicious applications use backdoors in the OS for attacking the computer. Making strict rules for application behavior allows Windows to prevent the installation of any malicious application.

However, Microsoft has not made a clear statement regarding the availability of Windows Defender in the OS.


The standard PC hardware devices like mouse, keyboard, touch screen, and printers would work like they are expected. However, users have to provide special permission for specific hardware due to optimized privacy controls.

These privacy limitations would be visible on your microphone, camera, fingerprint scanner, and other sensitive hardware devices. Moreover, there is no in-app permission for Win32 apps. For instance, you can disable all Win32 apps from using your camera or microphone with single permission. Similarly, all Win32 apps would be able to use the hardware if you provide the authority.

App updates

Windows 10X compares the hashes in an update for the modern Windows application with the existing one. That means it would resemble the codes in the update with the app already available on the system. Therefore, it would not download any part of the code that is unchanged. It would save the bandwidth for you and also make the installation faster.

Apps Run in Containers

Windows 10X creates a separate container for Win32 apps to run in the OS. That means the apps won’t be interacting with the OS directly. Instead, Windows would use a secondary sandbox to keep the OS stable.

This feature would limit the interaction of applications with the core OS. Thus, it can reduce crashes or any security breach in the system.

Final Thoughts

You do not hear about a new operating system in the market. Microsoft is among the most trusted companies to create a reliable OS. However, Windows OS is lousy when it comes to security and privacy. Not anymore. With introducing Windows 10X, Microsoft has made sure that they give a clear signal about dedicated security features. Most of the updates in the OS aims toward providing users with safe and smooth work experience. Besides, the dual-screen support raises opportunities for developers to use their creativity to provide better workflow inside an application.

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