What’s Next for Twitter’s Former Employees

What’s Next for Twitter’s Former Employees 1

Twitter continues to reduce the total number of its employees. The number of employees in the

 social media giant’s public policy team fell to around 15 employees.

For example, the team is working with outside advisory groups. For instance, the public policy team used to work with the Twitter Trust and Safety Council. As a reminder, Twitter disbanded the council in December.

The public policy team also takes care of other programs. It is worth noting the public policy employed dozens of employees. However, after Musk bought Twitter, the management made the decision to downsize the team.

Elon Musk laid off about half of the company’s workforce in November. Moreover, he later forced other employees. His ultimatum was also unacceptable to some employees. According to Musk, employees had to work really hard or leave Twitter. Unsurprisingly, not everyone wanted to spend extra hours in the office.

Elon Musk’s team is trying to reduce costs practically at any cost.

For example, Twitter, at the beginning of November, laid off thousands of employees in departments across the company. As a reminder, Musk’s decision to buy Twitter generated controversy.

Former employees are ready to defend their rights in court. Importantly, many employees who used to work for Twitter aren’t happy with the situation. Unsurprisingly, they would like to get compensation from Twitter.

What is next for Musk, Twitter, and its former employees? Time will time. However, Twitter’s new management should try to work together with employees to solve all problems as soon as possible. Other companies should also try not to create an unfriendly situation. Tech companies small and big, shouldn’t force their current and former employees to file lawsuits.

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