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WhatsApp Chatbot as center for Communication - AiSensy 1

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind developing the Delhi Transport Corporation WhatsApp Chatbot?


We derived our inspiration from the Delhi Metro Chatbot. The flow of Delhi Metro’s WhatsApp Chatbot is so seamless that even a non-techie can book a metro ticket easily in just a few steps. 

Our goal was to build the DTC WhatsApp Chatbot flow in such a way that it appealed to the masses and helped them book bus tickets on WhatsApp in just a few simple steps. To achieve this, we sat down with the DTC team to understand their requirements, and helped them bring this smooth Chatbot experience to life. We’ve incorporated a conversational flow that allows users to book bus tickets just by talking to the WhatsApp Chatbot, in their preferred language.

For choosing the stations and booking tickets seamlessly with WhatsApp, we used the latest WhatsApp feature, Webviews, powered by one of our partners, PeLocal. Webviews gives you an experience of just like an app while choosing the stations, saving you the hassle of going the conversational route to choose the stations. We compiled this flow to build the DTC WhatsApp Chatbot that made it easier for everyone to book bus tickets on WhatsApp. 

What challenges did AiSensy face while developing a chatbot for such a critical service as ticket booking?

It was very important to understand how users were willing to engage. DTC’s language system was very conventional and involved quite a tiresome process. We understood that the process of building a smooth ticket booking experience would comprise two parts. One, we’ll need a good Chatbot flow in the user’s preferred languages that will make the ticketing process a delight for the user! We achieved this with our Chatbot flow builder. 

The second was seamlessness in booking tickets. For this, we used our Native WhatsApp Payments integration, allowing users to pay for their tickets via UPI, net banking, & cards directly within WhatsApp. While booking a ticket, all you need to select both stations and make the payment. Choosing the stations can be done in just two clicks, and furthermore, the process can be completed by making the payment directly within WhatsApp.

This whole DTC Chatbot experience is a mixup of a seamless chat flow, a very unique Web View system, and native WhatsApp Payments, driving the efficiency of ticket booking for the users within WhatsApp. It was an amazing experience building this system for all the travellers. We are glad to see that 10000+ users have already booked tickets using the DTC WhatsApp Chatbot, which is very proud news for the team.

How does the AiSensy-powered Chatbot streamline the ticket booking process for DTC users?

The conventional DTC system was quite cumbersome! To make the ticketing process more seamless, we first understood how the users were willing to engage, what were their top priorities and the languages they were comfortable in engaging with to book tickets via WhatsApp. We also gave a long thought to the fact that the users might not be willing for a long conversational flow as well. The main goal was to keep the process minimal enough so that the users were willing to engage with the DTC Chatbot experience. We designed the process keeping all these factors in mind. That’s where Webviews also came into play. With Webviews, users can select the 2 stations quickly and complete the payment to get their ticket. 

The ticketing process was designed to be so simple that anyone can book a ticket through the Chatbot within seconds. All a user needs to do is send ‘hi’ on the official DTC number

  • Select their preferred language
  • Choose ‘Buy Ticket’ option
  • Select their destination
  • Choose their payment method and complete the payment.

Once the payment is complete, the user returns to WhatsApp & get their ticket. In just 4-5 steps, a user can book their ticket This way, we were able to solve 2 problems; the first was discovery which has been solved wonderfully by WhatsApp. Users can simply find the DTC Chatbot experience listed on the payments portal on WhatsApp app and it currently ranks #1. The second problem was making the ticketing process quicker and more efficient. We believe, we have been able to solve this with the DTC Chatbot experience.

What feedback have you received from users who have used the DTC WhatsApp Chatbot so far?

We’re seeing promising engagement on the DTC WhatsApp Chatbot so far! Over 10,000 users have successfully booked bus tickets on WhatsApp using the DTC WhatsApp Chatbot. This shows that users find the chatbot interface intuitive and easy to use, allowing them to quickly find routes, check ticket availability, and make payments seamlessly.

We built the DTC WhatsApp Chatbot, keeping in mind that it’s being built for the masses. When it comes to masses, everyone wants to engage in general language, hence building it in Hindi & English was very crucial for the success of this project! WhatsApp allows you to engage in multiple languages and using those capabilities, our platform also allows you to launch your Chatbots & build your experiences in multiple languages. Since the AiSensy platform offers features such as the Drag & Drop Chatbot flow builder, it was a cakewalk for us to build the DTC Chatbot in multiple languages. 

Lastly, how does AiSensy plan to maintain a balance between user-friendliness and security in its future developments?

We understand that users want a seamless and hassle-free experience while also ensuring their data and transactions are secure. To achieve this balance, we are focusing on several key areas. 

Starting with constantly innovating our Chatbot technology, adding new features to the Chatbot Flow Builder that make the conversational experience more seamless for the end-user.

We also ensure robust standards of data security for all users who book their tickets through the DTC WhatsApp Chatbot. We have been taking all the steps to ensure data security throughout the flow.  Our commitment to data security fosters trust and confidence among users, essential for a successful ticketing system.

Overall, our approach is to prioritize both user-friendliness and security equally in our development process. By integrating innovative technologies and best practices, we aim to deliver a seamless, yet secure, experience for all our users.

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