WhatsApp, Facebook & Kik Messenger Ethical Hacking for Parenting Purposes

WhatsApp, Facebook & Kik Messenger Ethical Hacking for Parenting Purposes Techiexpert.com

Social messaging apps are quite popular among everyone and you may don’t believe kids and teens are at the top. Since the digital devices have been introduced and today user can connect it with the cyberspace and further can download trendy instant messengers.

There are plenty of famous social media platforms likewise WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik messenger and plenty of others alike teens get used to of it all day long on digital cell phones and on gadgets. However, a problem occurs when they perform activities without bothering the privacy concerns.

Furthermore, teens have become addicted to the social messaging apps that could be pretty dangerous and concerning for the parents. Let’s discuss the vulnerabilities attached the social media apps especially when teens are using it on digital mobile phones.

How instant messengers are dangerous for teens?

There are plenty of dangerous aspects of social media when teens become obsessed with it. Following are some of the dangers associated with digital parenting point of view.

Huge presence of Cyber predators

The social messaging apps that particularly associated with the youngsters are usually full of online dangers for teens due to online predators. They always in the search for teens and kids to make them a victim and today we all know that kid’s got bullied online, trap by the stalkers and encounter with sexual predators. Teens that spend most of the time on instant messaging apps mostly mess up with the cyber predators that are quite alarming for the parents and they should aware of the fact.

Online dating

Today teens use instant messengers such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Kik messenger for dating online. They chat with strangers and become friends with them. Once they have friendship online with the strangers they usually share the information and media. Resultantly, times come when they get started meeting in the real –life. There are plenty of news stories that have been made headlines teens got bullied, rapped and got blackmail from online friends or boyfriend.

Slut shaming

Obviously, when teens share their photos, videos, and other personal material on the social media apps in a scantily sexually suggestive possess they become the victim of slut shaming. People make plenty of comments on single media they have shared and young tweens and teens are one of the most common victims of slut shaming.

X –rated content on social media

Teens get access to the x –rated content via viral sexual explicit videos over social media apps platforms. In addition, cyber predators in terms of stalkers share them sexually suggestive videos on the trendy messenger to groom them sexually in order to trap them online and as well as in real –life playing with their emotions.

So, parents, these days do believe that to perform ethical hacking of these messengers to keep an eye on kids and teens activities on instant messaging apps platforms.

Install cell phone monitoring software to perform ethical hacking

If you are looking forward to performing ethical hacking on the popular instant messengers for digital parenting then you just need to install mobile phone monitoring software. Once you have installed it on the target device then you can get access to the online control panel and you can use the following tools to perform ethical hacking on above-mentioned instant messengers for parenting purposes.

Live screen recording

An end user can use live screen recorder and perform ethical hacking in terms of making short videos of the screen in real –time back to back that you can see by getting access to the web portal. In addition, you can perform the screen recording of trendy social media apps.

IM’s social media logs

User can use mobile phone tracking app and get the logs of social media apps running on the target device. You can get the logs in terms of text messages, text conversations, audio video conversations, shared photos, videos and last but not the least Voice messages.


You can remotely capture screenshots back and forth of Facebook, WhatsApp,  and Kik using cell phone spy app online control panel.


You can use a phone spy app in order to perform ethical hacking on trendy social media apps likewise Facebook, WhatsApp, and Kik for parenting purposes.  


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