WhatsApp for iOS May Get Option to View Messages by Date.

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WhatsApp for iOS May Get Option to View Messages by Date. 1

As per the recent update, it has been detected that WhatsApp, one of the most famous social networking applications, is working on an upgraded search feature that would permit its users to view messages sent on a particular date. The functionality is being tested on WhatsApp for iOS systems. The feature is in the developmental stage, and the date of release is not yet revealed. The report has not been released to beta testers. After the detection of a bug in WhatsApp for iOS, the news was highlighted just a few days later. The found bug automatically converts the mute duration from ‘1 week’ to ‘8 hours.


WABetainfo posted that a platform that tests WhatsApp beta builds for features before they are released to users. WhatsApp may soon get a new search feature that would allow users to search for a message on a particular date. This simply states that the user will be able to filter out results. Currently, WhatsApp reflects various results after typing a name or number in the search box.

The feature has been under development for the last two years, but the plan to roll it out to the masses was hidden. The folks at WABetainfo mentioned that they spotted the feature after the WhatsApp beta for iOS update from TestFlight was released. After that, WhatsApp submitted a new update through the TestFlight beta Program that stated that the application is bringing the WhatsApp beta for iOS version.

As per the shared screenshots by WABetaInfo, the Calendar icon is placed just above the keyboard. As a purpose to utilize the option to search for a message of a specific date, one needs to tap on the Calendar icon on WhatsApp for iPhone. A touch will open the calendar icon, and a date picker will appear to select any month, date, and year.

In the mentioned bug, no issue was faced when users chose the two other durations for muting chats: ‘8 hours’ and ‘Always.’

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