WhatsApp messages Can be Manipulated: CHECKPOINT Research

WhatsApp messages Can be Manipulated: CHECKPOINT Research 1

CHECKPOINT researchers warn that WhatsApp messages can be changed or manipulated… Security firm Check Point Research has published details of WhatsApp security weaknesses allow hackers to manipulate WhatsApp messages in a group conversation.

In a blog detailing their findings, Check Point Research said that the security flaw means people can edit someone’s reply, “essentially replacing words in their mouth”.

This may include editing’s of quoted messages and masking a private message as a group message. So, hackers can change not only the text that you are sharing but also can change the sender’s identity. whatsapp never faced an issue like this. The Facebook-owned messaging app, which has users more than 1.5 billion around the world, is yet to fix the bug, despite Check Point Research company notified WhatsApp in 2018. WhatsApp has been asked for a solution.

When the weakness exploited by threat factors were found, Facebook just likened the issue to “altering an email” and made it look like something a person ever wrote.”This leak has nothing to do with the protection of end-to-end encryption which states that only the sender and recipient can read messages sent on WhatsApp,” the technical giant said.

“we will take this challenge of misinformation seriously and previously placed a limit on forwarding content and added a label to forwarded messages, and made a series of updates to group chats,” said WhatsApp.

The CHECKPOINT researchers found 3 possible ways of hacking attacks by exploiting the issue. The first way involves using the ‘quote’ feature in a group chat to change the identity of the sender.

WhatsApp update can fundamentally change way app works, the leak claims
The second way is to change the text of a person’s reply. The third way contains sending a private message that actually comes into sight as a public message.

Check Point company said that only the third way of these vulnerabilities has been fixed by WhatsApp, despite these issues being of “the utmost preference” and requiring urgent attention.

Average user checks Whatsapp more than 23 times per day. This makes hackers attacks much powerful and easy. So be careful while using whats app and pay attention to every message.

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