WhatsApp Proxy Support Officially Launched to Help Users Bypass Internet Shutdowns

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WhatsApp Proxy Support Officially Launched to Help Users Bypass Internet Shutdowns 1

As per the introduction made by WhatsApp, the platform is bringing proxy support to the popular encrypted messaging service very soon. With the launch of this new feature, users around the world will be able to continue using WhatsApp even if their connection to the company’s servers is blocked or disrupted. Using a proxy feature, users will be allowed to connect to WhatsApp via servers set up by volunteers and organizations all over the world that are dedicated to permitting people to communicate freely.


As per the resource of WhatsApp, at the time of getting connected via Proxy retains the same level of privacy and security as the app, and personal messages are still secured by end-to-end encryption.

The news was reflected right after Iran’s local government blocked access to WhatsApp and Instagram in 2022. This was held when the protesters used both platforms to disseminate information about violations of human rights in the country. According to WhatsApp, the platform is working to ensure that these internet shutdowns never occur again.

WhatsApp also added that their wish for 2023 is that these internet shutdowns never occur again on the platform. There is a hope that the solutions are going to help people wherever there is a need for secure and reliable communication.

WhatsApp also made an availability guide that can guide the users in finding interesting things in creating their own proxy server for friends and family. Users will be able to find the new option by visiting the Storage and Date settings within WhatsApp. Proxy server support is currently launched for users of iPhone and Android. Thus, it is ensured that the latest version of WhatsApp is installed. The company claims that messages will not be viewable to anyone in the middle, including proxy servers, WhatsApp, and parent firm Meta as well.

For users who have already installed the most recent version of the app, the new option is available in the settings menu. During the availability of internet access, one can browse social media or search engines for reliable sources that have set up a proxy. To link to a proxy, one can visit the settings of WhatsApp, and then tap Storage and Data and then select Proxy. Now click at Proxy, and fill in the proxy address, and select Save to connect.

Once the connection is successful, a checkmark will appear. If one is still unable to transmit WhatsApp messages while using a proxy, it is possible that the Proxy has been blocked. One can try again with a different proxy address in this scenario. WhatsApp says that using a third-party proxy will reveal the IP address of the users to the proxy provider.

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