WhatsApp Rolling Out Feature to Share Voice Messages as Status Updates

By Srikanth
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WhatsApp Rolling Out Feature to Share Voice Messages as Status Updates 1

Recently, WhatsApp has plans to make launch the latest feature for selecting Android beta testers that allow users to exchange voice notes as status updates. The feature of voice notes as status updates lets the user share voice status updates “with a certain audience configured within the privacy settings”. The feature is available within the text status section for some of the selected users on the beta channel. These voice statuses updates, like video, photo, and text updates, will get disappeared after the passage of 24 hours.


The selected beta testers who have updated to version can now post voice notes as WhatsApp Status updates. The update of the tracker website notes that the feature is visible within the text status section and also includes that the maximum recording time for a voice status update is 30 seconds. Users also have the option to discard a recording before re-recording and sharing it.

Like other status updates, voice notes are also protected by end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Users can also make a choice between who can see their Status within their privacy settings. The reports have added that the feature is likely to be available to more users in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp is also working on a feature so that it can tackle spam messages and also better deals ahead. The Meta-owned messaging service, WhatsApp, was found testing a feature that enables users to block people who are not in their contact list directly from the notification bar. With the launch of this new feature, users will eventually be able to block unfamiliar and unreliable contacts without opening the chat.

WhatsApp message notifications currently consist of two options: reply and mark as read. Now, the third option is also going to be included in this.

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