WhatsApp Spotted Working on ‘View Once’ Text Messages

WhatsApp Spotted Working on 'View Once' Text Messages 1

While working on the new project of adding an extra layer of privacy to its users’ messages, WhatsApp has been witnessed. The messaging service allows users to send images and videos as “view once” dispatches. They are designed in such a way that they get to disappear as soon as they have been viewed. A feature tracker has seen WhatsApp working on the ability to transmit “view once” text messages on Android. The feature is still in the developmental stage, which states that beta testers cannot try it out, even if they have the latest testing version installed on their smartphones.

As per the report of WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp made launch version of WhatsApp for Android through the Google Play Beta Program. This beta version of WhatsApp includes references to a feature that permits users to send “view once” text messages.

The report also added that WhatsApp is progressing on a particular button next to the chat bar, where users type messages before they are sent. The button that sends messages also displays an icon that looks like a lock. But now, the feature’s appearance might change before it is released.

Users are unable to take screenshots of “view once” images and videos. It is impossible to share, forward, copy, and save them. The feature made it possible for WhatsApp to block screenshots when viewing “view once” messages in future updates.

Another latest feature, “Message Yourself”, has also been launched on the devices of iOS and Android. This feature lets the users send or forward messages to themselves. WhatsApp users can forward messages to themselves from other chats and even share content from other apps directly to chat with themselves on WhatsApp.

IPhone owners can include captions to forwarded media on WhatsApp, which can be removed manually. Moreover, WhatsApp has also released an enhancement for iOS users that has helped the users of WhatsApp to let those forward media with captions. The feature’s availability is in the latest version of the app on the App Store for users on iOS.

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