WhatsApp Testing New Side-By-Side View on Android Tablets

By Srikanth
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WhatsApp Testing New Side-By-Side View on Android Tablets 1

One of the most popular communication platforms, WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature for Android. This latest feature of WhatsApp will enable its users to switch between multiple chats at the same time. This step can be done without losing track of the active chats. It seems to be as similar as WhatsApp which is available for Web. It is still being tested among select beta users, but a stable version of the feature is expected to launch soon. WhatsApp works on various latest features and upgrades for Android and iOS devices. For the version iPad version, a similar feature is expected to launch shortly.


WhatsApp stated that the social media platform is launching a side-by-side mode, which allows its users to visualize and access multiple chats on a single screen. The individual active chats will be highlighted simultaneously with a split screen-like layout. This is helpful for users who require frequent access over multiple chats at the same time and also gives them more control over the app layout.

It has been visualized that users will also be offered a toggle option that will allow them to enable and disable the feature at the convenience of the users. The option can be accessed by the help of WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Side-by-side views.

At present, this feature is only accessible by some of the selected beta users who are available on the WhatsApp beta for the Android version. Gradually, a more stable version of the feature will be introduced to all the users of Android tablet with future updates.

It is a matter to consider the fact that WhatsApp also announced linking up four devices to their WhatsApp accounts. With the help of this feature, the users can access the primary registered smartphone and a QR code, much like the WhatsApp Web login process. As per the company, WhatsApp is working on an OTP-based authentication alternative for this newly-launched multi-device login feature.

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