WhatsApp working on new Channels feature to broadcast info

By Srikanth
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WhatsApp working on new Channels feature to broadcast info 1

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature which is names as “channels”. This is a new one-to-many tool that is basically used for broadcasting information on iOS. With this latest feature named as channels, by the use of which the users can actively receive useful updates from people they choose to get news from. As per the sources, it has been come to know that the process of the feature is still under the development stage on the Android.


WhatsApp is currently planning to rename the Status tab “Updates”. A WhatsApp Channel is a private tool where phone numbers and user information will be included in a channel that is always kept closed. However, messages received within a channel are not end-to-end encrypted since the concept of one-to-many wouldn’t make much sense for channels. The channels won’t affect the end-to-end encryption of private messaging.

The latest feature of WhatsApp Channel has an optional extension of private messaging and doesn’t pivot to a public social network. People always have control over channels which they want to subscribe, and no one else can see to whom they follow.

There is no matter of doubt regarding whether they’ve added them as contacts or not. Along with this feature, people won’t get any auto-subscribed to channels as there are no algorithmic recommendations or social graphs that push the content to users that they didn’t choose to see.

WhatsApp Channel will also support handles by the help of which users can search for a specific WhatsApp channel by simply entering its username within WhatsApp. This feature is designed to make the improvisation over the accessibility of channels. This makes it easy for users to get updates that they prefer.

With this new WhatsApp channel feature, users will be able to easily switch between different fonts by tapping one of the font options displayed above the keyboard. The text alignment can also be modified to the left, centre, or right. Various latest and new fonts have also been released to beta testers, like Calistoga, Courier Prime, Damion, Exo 2, and Morning Breeze.

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