WhatsApp’s AI-Driven Photo Editing Tools Unveiled

WhatsApp upgrades with AI-powered photo editing, promising simpler and more creative tools for users.

By Sunil Sonkar
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WhatsApp's AI-Driven Photo Editing Tools Unveiled

WhatsApp is upgrading itself to the next level recently. Following a couple of interesting features, it has blended Artificial Intelligence (AI). It has unveiled some exciting new photo editing features. It is believed the integrated tools may make photo editing simpler and more creative as well for users.


The fresh update has brought AI into the world of photo editing and users can now apply various artistic effects to their pictures. One standout feature worth taking a note here is the ability to change backgrounds seamlessly. This means the photos may have whole new look now. Additionally, a tool named ‘restyle’ claims can transform the style of photos by offering fresh and artistic perspectives. Users simultaneously get the option to enlarge images with its newly added ‘expand’ feature. The sizes can be adjusted as per requirement.

A three-star AI is now made available in a beta version and this indicates that integration of these innovative features.

The changes are expected to be made available to all users for free. The update is mainly focused in enhancing messaging and sharing experiences on the platform. Regular updates and new features are common on WhatsApp to make users engaged as well as attract new users.

However, some users may feel cautious about AI manipulating images. The convenience of easily touching up photos for sharing outweighs such concerns. The tools promise to elevate the quality of images shared with minimal effort.

As of now, no clear data has been announced for the release of the beta features. The exact data remains uncertain. But it is believed to be soon.

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