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When is it time to move my small business to Salesforce

Danish Wadhwa
Varun Datta is a serial Entrepreneur and a vivid writer who loves to share what he has learnt in his Entrepreneurial Journey. He has founded multiple companies, out of which 4New.io is the most innovative one. It is a waste to energy enterprise which is wholly focused on the production of electricity in order to power the mining of popular cryptocurrencies.

For any business, big or small, getting more leads and closing more deals with the enhanced productivity is the primary focus. Every entrepreneur looks for the possible ways to secure business interest with upfront dealings and satisfying clients at every point in time.

Salesforce apps integrate functionality to cloud computing. Cloud-based technologies such as Salesforce CRM levels the playing field for small businesses and helps to achieve their end goals.

There is no need to modify budget to make massive investments in software, hardware, and personnel to manage; small businesses can go for CRM to comprehensively manage everything in the best way.

Salesforce CRM is an ideal way that works for small businesses to make the most of all their assets, including their people, clients, and technologies. It does not hurt your budget because there are no up-front investments in software, hardware, or getting up and running. The risk is small, and the security is high because you pay as you go and as you grow.

No need to pay extra to ensure security as your data stays in safe hands of the same security trusted by the other high-profile security conscious organizations.

  • With so many benefits in line, entrepreneurs often juggle to understand the right approach and the perfect time to move to salesforce.
  • The confusion completely makes sense from their perspective as many things come to mind before taking this important decision.
  • The following points will guide you about salesforce and help you to decide business migration to it.

Comprehensive approach

Whether your business activities take place on-premise or off-premise, consistency in the workflow is necessary. Consistency depends on connectivity in a team and accessibility to the data to ensure rapid delivery.

You need to first contemplate that how much data does your company develop annually. Does your existing infrastructure whether hardware or software properly manage your data or not? If not then you need a comprehensive and secure data management solution.

Cloud computing saves us from critical software issues, and the shared infrastructure allows it to work as a utility means you pay for what you utilize and get automatic updates and with no need to install and test run everything.

What does make CRM unique?

The key features of every CRM are the same- transparency, visibility, connectivity, accountability, flexibility and scalability. Each platform has its features which make them different from others.

Much like when shopping for a bike, you will need to compare the features of various platforms to end with cheers. Make sure you select that platform which has all the minimum essentials that are on your list.

Salesforce ensures your lead management and marketing automation to sales data and mobile access to everything automates business operations.

Customization is important

Customization means expanding the behavior of out of the box functionality. Most CRMs are solutions that are customizable to users requirements and needs.

Customization can go to any level. It can be small, like modifying the location of a text screen, or extensive, like developing new applications. The right CRM will meet your needs, both today and down the road thus offering rich customization throughout the journey.

Centralize your data

No matter in which domain you specialize; you probably have contacts/leads in emails, written in a notebook, Excel business cards.

Reproducing multiple copies of contacts/leads info all over the place is well, but not a smart idea. You probably look for a solution which centralizes your data at a location, and in sync and is labeled correctly. It’s the right time to sign up to salesforce, streamline your data, and bring digital transformation.

Integrate email with Salesforce

If you are using an email provider, then salesforce is for you. The most common email services that support Salesforce are Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail.

Integrating these into Salesforce will be helpful when you develop user-based rules and create alerts to track/follow-up with leads.

If you do email marketing, make sure your email marketing service also aligns with Salesforce.Constant Contact, Pardot, Hubspot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and much more have Salesforce compatibility.

Customer Support

A CRM is more than an investment indeed that a company makes. Therefore, it’s important to have updated information and support at your disposal every time.

From training to online tools, to app development and round the clock assistance, should be part of your CRM and salesforce does the same in a better way. A robust CRM system like Salesforce will help you manage information like warranty or service issues. The ERP tool keeps track of the stock/material data in most manufacturing companies, however, the CRM tool can help in day to day inquiries and service calls.

Bottom Line:

A business requires more than just address books spreadsheets, and Rolodexes to manage customers and business operations. A CRM does the same. But what gives an edge to salesforce is its adaptability to fit in the businesses of all sizes, without compromising any essentials. You can even take salesforce training that will guide you about the core administrative features of it.

Salesforce services are same for Fortune 500 companies and for promising start-ups, just on different scales. It is highly customizable to configure your database to work for your business, not the other way around. It is advanced to integrate existing applications, like Google apps and email, which will centralize your data


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