Where Data Stored on Internet Going

Where Data Stored on Internet Going 1

As we all know that internet is a collection of various systems put together. Wherein, all the data is stored and saved on the secondary storage devices of the particular server. The servers of websites are known as the web servers. hence, when you put in a URL of some site, it then makes a connectivity with the web server which gathers the information from the secondary storage device, which is being connected to the browser, example a hard drive. The same phenomenon is applied to any other type of file that you want to access the internet.

These may comprise of the photographs and video or the email you get or send and the happenings one uploads about as their status update letting them know what you are thinking or eating. Now, there are specific companies that save all this data at data centers that are spread across globally. Let me explain this to you with an example, now, every time you want to view a message or check an email, the data with the message gets drawn from computer located at any of these data centers. Also, when you share a photo or video, the same thing happens in reverse. It gets drawn out when the other person wants to view it.

Another major reform in the storage world was cloud computing. Here, your data is stored in a personal space on the internet. It is similar to the example of our email software. The emails that we exchange, none of them get saved on local hard disk. It is all out there on the internet storage centers. Well, when it comes to where your data is precisely stored,it is rather difficult and sometimes impossible to know, except if you dig deeper into it. There could be an instance where the provider might be from China but, their server is in the states or maybe India. Many countries try to their server carpets in locations where they are able to cut down on the cost.

Another important related question that one often wonders is apart from me, who all has the access to this data?! There are companies which are very reputed and they have security systems that safeguard your data. Whether you choose to store your data online or not is your decision. There have been instances where MNCs buy your data from various sites like Facebook in order to complete their surveys and studies.

Speaking of safeguarding your data, it is important to do a research on keeping your data at a secured place with duplicates. During a technical catastrophe, you should have other copies of the data to prevent loss. This might not give a 100 percent assurance, but it surely aids in it.  The very crucial point to know and remember is that although all of your information is not physically stored on your local hard drive or any other storage device, it is still saved somewhere. These server centers are also not cent percent reliable. There is no doubt in the fact that rage media can fail due to various reasons like crashing or hacking and all your data can get deleted instantly and easily from these centers or be misused as it can on your computer.

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