Where Do SEO FIT in Digital Marketing

SEO and digital marketing are so much related to each other that sometimes it becomes very difficult to draw a distinction between them. The object of both is to win more customers or visitors to your website. There are some tactics which can be considered both the part of SEO and digital marketing. In order to end this confusion and see if these two mean the same thing or they are different from each other, let’s have a look at their definitions.

SEO or search engine optimization can be defined as everything that you do in order to increase the search visibility of your website. It encompasses all the activities and tactics that are undertaken to improve ranking on search engine result pages. The object of SEO is to appear higher in the search ranking. A higher position in the search ranking is guaranteed to increase the number of people who visit your website.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, involves everything that is done to market your product or website on digital media. Digital media includes all electronic devices with display screens. It is about achieving your marketing goals through the use of digital technology. It is not limited to advertising but includes many diverse activities which are undertaken to promote your brand on the internet. Customer service is also a part of digital marketing.

Customers are given the facility to send their complaints or suggestions regarding products online. E-commerce is also sometimes included in this which gives people the option of buying your product online. Online public relations management also comes under digital marketing the purpose of which is to build a positive image of your brand among the public. Digital marketing is all about selling your product or service online. In order to achieve this, you should have a website to market your brand.

How SEO and Digital Marketing Are Related

SEO is concerned with search position only whereas digital marketing encompasses your whole online profile which includes your website, your profiles on social media and many another thing which include SEO as well. SEO can be considered a subset of digital marketing.

SEO has become an important component of digital marketing without which success in digital marking is an attainable dream. When it is properly integrated into your online marketing strategy it ensures more traffic to your website. Most of the traffic to a website comes from organic search; therefore, having a top position in ranking will definitely drive more traffic to your sites.

All the other component of digital marketing are also important but none can even come close to search optimization when it comes to success. It can effectively be the main reason behind the success or failure of your marketing strategy. The reason behind the superiority of SEO over other parts of online marketing is that other components can increase traffic too but they are not as effectual as search engine optimization. Hence whether it is traffic or conversion rate SEO rules supreme over other parts of internet marketing.

How SEO Can Be Integrated Into the Total Online Marketing Strategy

Considering how valuable appearing in top positions in organic search is to the overall marketing effort, it is absolutely necessary that you should develop plans to incorporate SEO in your digital marketing strategy. But in most of the cases, this is easier said than done kind of a deal. You have to be very careful while incorporating SEO if you want to see the expected rewards. The good news is there are plenty of areas which provide opportunities for this integration.

The best thing any brand can do to incorporate these two is to have a blog on their website that publishes detail information to the users about the common topics in their niche. You can also provide information and insights about your products or services through this blog. Such a blog can help to keep your customers or visitors engaged with your brand. Therefore it can serve as a marketing tool.

At the same time, it will help to boost the ranking of your website as you will be regularly publishing fresh content on your website and no factor increases the ranking of a website more than content. In fact, content is such a decisive factor in increasing ranking that it is a common saying in the industry that content is the king.

As this is life and nothing comes easy in it, therefore, you need to keep few things in mind in you want to get maximum benefit from your content. You should write content not for the search engines but for your users. If it engages your readers than it will automatically result in an improvement in ranking as well.

There are certain SEO elements that should be present in your content like headings & tags. You should write informative content that contains expert level knowledge on your niche topics and you should also make sure that articles you publish on your website are of an appropriate length. The common rule is the longer the better. Regularly updating your content is also another important trick you can do to keep your customers coming back to your website.

Social media provides another opportunity for integrating SEO into marketing. In order to achieve success in search optimization, you need to be successful over social media. Social media can benefit SEO in many different ways. It can serve as a prolific mean to earn inbound links. When social media users will share your content with their friends it will not only increase visitors to your website but it will also earn valuable inbound links for your website.

When a person shares a link to your website on social media it drives traffic to your website and social media is acting as a marketing platform. The same link will is also important from search engine optimization perspective as it can improve your ranking because search engines rank those websites higher that have more inbound links pointing back to them present on other websites and social media platforms.

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