Where, How To Find Candidates For Passive Candidate Sourcing

Where, How To Find Candidates For Passive Candidate Sourcing 1

The act of locating and engaging people who are not currently looking for work is known as passive candidate sourcing. A good source can search the enormous talent pool and return with qualified, interested, and available people.

How Do You Attract Passive Candidates?

So you are probably wondering how to get passive candidates to engage with you. Or perhaps you are unsure where to look for them! You recognise the need of bringing them on board, but you are not sure where to begin. Don’t be concerned! Our comprehensive guide will show you how to engage passive candidates.

Why Are Passive Candidates Better?

Candidates content in their existing jobs are appealing since they are valuable assets to their current employers. Because they are not in a rush to find a new job, they are less likely to interview with other organizations, which means you will have less competition.

Passive Candidate Sourcing Techniques

Let’s have a look at the passive candidate sourcing technique:

  1. They can be found on the internet.
  2. Meet them face to face.
  3. Meet them through mutual acquaintances.
  4. Through previous hiring processes, you’ve had the opportunity to meet them.
  5. Utilize tools and services to connect with them.

Tools for Passive Sourcing

Listed below are some of the tools for passive sourcing:

1. Twitter

You might engage in conversations with folks who use hashtags related to your industry. The advanced search feature on Twitter is useful for finding relevant hashtags and persons.

2. People Search

You may come across a profile on a social or professional network, or you may be given a name through a reference, but you lack the necessary information to contact them. Workable People Search is a Chrome addon that can help. People Search is a free sourcing tool that searches several sources in seconds and provides you with a complete profile, including a resume and contact information.

3. Hiring Solved

Hiring Solved allows you to look for candidates from all over the world and in any language. It has a unique function that allows you to search “by example” for candidates similar to someone you’ve uploaded to their system.

4. Hired

 Hired is a job-matching network that connects businesses and job seekers. Employers can build a profile for their business and search for prospects. According to the company’s website, they can express their interest in candidates through Hired’s platform, where candidates respond to 95% of requests.

Overcoming The Challenges In-Sourcing Passive Candidates

1. One Of The Hiring Issues That Businesses Confront Is A Talent Scarcity

The rising skill gap, which results in a skills scarcity, is one of the major reasons why employers are having difficulty filling jobs. As demand outstrips supply, the competition for competent individuals will heat up, making finding a good fit more challenging.

However, India is the only 20 countries surveyed to experience a talent shortage in these fields. This is a big chance for India’s economy to catch up to the world’s other industrialized economies. For the rest of the globe, continuous learning, pushed by both employees and employers, will be critical in combating the shortage.

2. Organizations Confront A Recruiting Issue Due To Poor Communication Between HR And Hiring Managers

Poor candidate experience and drop-off can result from a lack of knowledge and communication between hiring managers and recruiters. This also results in a negative employer brand, which jeopardizes the firm’s ability to attract high-quality prospects. Although both the recruiter and the hiring manager want to identify the best candidate for the job, bad communication can lead to a difficult relationship that shows up during the hiring process.

3. One Of The Issues With Sourcing Is Poorly Written Job Descriptions

Job descriptions, when done well, express your organization’s direction, how the candidate will fit into the company culture, and what is expected of the candidate. On the other hand, poorly worded job descriptions might cause confusion, be prejudiced towards a specific gender, and discourage people from applying for jobs even if they are qualified for them. Companies miss out on top talent because it’s tough for candidates to respond to a job description that doesn’t clearly define the job’s aims and objectives.

4. The Inability To Make Decisions Based On Data Is A Significant Talent Acquisition Barrier

While technology usage for recruiting is on the rise, most recruiters are still under utilizing the power of data to improve their decision-making abilities. Only 7% of HR professionals who have people analytics capacity in their function are optimizing their use of analytics, according to a CIPD survey of 150000 HR professionals. Data-driven decision-making models are used by global organizations such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, which are known for their high-quality talent.

5. One Of The Most Significant Obstacles In Talent Acquisition Is A Poor Candidate Experience

A bad applicant experience, without a doubt, impedes talent acquisition. Employers who ignore this step in the hiring process will lose quality employees and waste a lot of money. Several studies have found a link between a poor candidate experience and a longer time to fill, as well as a higher rate of candidate application drop-offs.

Tips For Implementing Passive Sourcing

Here are some tips for implementing passive sourcing:

1. Taking Advantage of Social Media Platforms

Recruiters utilize LinkedIn to locate applicants in the majority of cases. However, as time has passed, the market has gotten overloaded with recruiters, making it more difficult to find passive applicants. To be honest, LinkedIn is overloaded is the primary reason that 52 per cent of hiring managers believe passive candidate recruiting is less effective. As a result, now is the time to expand your social recruiting strategy.

2. To Attract Passive Candidates, Create A Referral Programme

Current employees are usually the best source of new talent for a recruiter. Referrals haven’t played a significant role in recruiting techniques in a long time, and with good reason. According to 78 per cent of recruiters, referrals are how they find their best candidates.

Your employees each have their social groups, networks, and personal contacts. Typically, these networks will contain a large number of high-quality candidates who could be a good fit for open positions at your company. Although passive applicants may be hesitant to respond to a recruiter’s interaction, they are far more likely to examine an opportunity presented to them.

3. Spend Money On Automation Software

Innovative technology has changed candidate sourcing, just like it has changed every other area of advanced recruiting. Recruiters can now use AI (artificial intelligence) integrated application monitoring systems to find passive candidates much more quickly and effectively than manually. According to recent research, algorithms are better at predicting employees’ success than hiring managers.

4. Candidate Database Services And Job Boards

Active candidates use online job boards to search for and apply for available employment. Did you know that these job forums may also be an excellent resource for recruiters looking for passive candidates?

Candidates typically upload their resumes to job boards during their search, and those resumes remain in the job boards’ database even after the candidates have taken a position. Recruiters can search databases for jobs based on various parameters, including industry, experience, qualifications, talents, and education level.


This post has given you insight into passive candidate sourcing. It will also provide information on passive candidate sourcing approaches. If you’re looking for support with your recruitment, the best bet is to go with a top recruitment agency with a proven track record in your domain.

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