Which Advanced Technologies Are Used During Cricket Matches?

Which Advanced Technologies Are Used During Cricket Matches? 1

Technological innovations have transformed different sectors dramatically. One industry that has embraced technology is the sports industry. For instance, the Video Assistant Referee in football has caused shockwaves in the football world.

Another sport that has benefited from technological innovations is Cricket. Technology has improved player, coach and fan experience before, during and after matches. For example, Cricket betting fans can now wager on many events from the comfort of their home. If you wager on cricket events, take a look at the offered Rabona promo code to enhance your overall wagering experience. This article looks at the advanced technologies used during cricket matches.


Popularly known as “Snicko” among cricket enthusiasts, this technology was developed by Allan Plaskett to help umpires detect the edge and preceding caught behind wickets. The technology disturbs the graph when the ball’s surface touches the bar or the batsman.

Snicko uses a microphone close to the stumps that detects the hit’s sound and establishes the impact’s surface. The frequency’s shape enables the umpire to make decisive conclusions.

HawkEye-Ball Tracking System

This innovation came to being in 2001. It was designed to make the ball’s trajectory clear once the bowler’s hand delivers it. Broadcasters use the technology extensively to offer an additional view of the Leg Before Wicket (LBW) appeals to commentators and viewers.

The technology utilizes multiple cameras strategically positioned around the ground to offer a three-dimensional representation of the ball’s trajectory. This rendering helps to make decisions on LBW appeals. Additionally, the Umpire Decision Review System implements it.


The implementation of the HotSpot technology marked a milestone in cricket technological developments. It uses an advanced infrared detection system to sense the heat signature of the ball’s impact.

In this regard, HotSpot is critical when judging the slightest edges and close bat-pad LBW shouts. The technology relies on the cameras positioned on both ends of the ground and provides information based on the heat friction a collision generates. While its results are incredibly accurate, it is not implemented widely because it is expensive to set up.

Decision Review System (DRS)

The DRS is a contemporary way of correcting or reviewing on-field umpire calls. The technology considers the Hawkeye, Hotspot and Snickometer to provide a convincing conclusion on the decisions.

Ball Spin RPM

Sky Sports introduced Ball Spin RPM in the 2013 Ashes series. The RPM counter provides the rate at which the ball spins after it is released. Its addition to cricket is essential as it helps estimate spinners’ skills and abilities.

Bottom Line

Several technological innovations have been implemented in cricket to a great degree of success. But, the ones discussed here have impacted the sport dramatically.

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