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“white box” Server Market share explodes

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Due to modern work culture the hunger for computer servers in global market is spreading rapidly. The demand for artificial intelligence and large data analytics by cloud service providers is growing.

According to latest records of Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker for Q1 2017, the total revenue of first quarter is 39 percent of $18.8 billion from one year ago. The shipments grew by 21 percent, to 2.7 million units said market research International Data Crop.

The original design manufacturers “white box” got the best of the quarter’s server but Dell Technologies did very well during the quarter. ODMs give benefits to all major data centre operators such as Alibaba Group Ltd, Amazon Web Services Inc., Facebook Inc., Google., and Microsoft Corp., these will continue to provide great facilities to the world.

These major companies have huge call for data centre infrastructure, keeping eye on cost, density and power efficiency which will influence the performance. Such companies are looking by themselves to know how to develop systems and to have cash. ODMs are much better way than expensive, proprietary systems sold by company like Dell.

Not only major companies but also enterprises want systems for running software-defined infrastructure and next gen work pressure which includes AI, data analytics and machine learning. The price of server had also risen during this quarter said IDC.

With 19.1 percent Dell is holding the number one position and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co., is just one position down by 18.6 percent. Dell has best revenue generation by 50.6 percent to HPE’s 22.6 percent. Lenovo Group Ltd. Of China was at third position with 5.8 percent, come behind by IBM Corp. with 5.3 percent and  also Cisco Systems Inc. along with 5.2 percent. ODMs were the one who had biggest growth with revenue collection by 57 percent in the quarter.

“Big companies continue the growth of server volume in the first quarter,” Sanjay Medvitz, senior research analyst at IDC. “ ODMs will remain the utmost beneficiary due to the fast growing hyperscale sever even when OEMs are looking for victory in race. “

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