WHIZjuniors is path breaking as a gamified platform

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WHIZjuniors is path breaking as a gamified platform 1

With the advent of strong technologies for big companies and businesses into action, WhizJuniors came up with the idea to involve children from schools to learn and motivate themselves with creative and innovative ways, dealing with new ideas and thoughts while studying and learning with the technologies. With an opportunity to talk to Ms. Vidushi Daga, CEO of WhizJuniors, TechiExpert shares her views and highlights the key points for the same.

WHIZjuniors is path breaking as a gamified platform 2

“We strongly believe in mastering the skill you enjoy. A child can enhance his/her learning by opting a course that interests him/her, which have been carefully hand-picked as per age groups,” states the startup.

What is the idea behind the startup and what is that one problem it solves?

The growing technologies with the smartphones and the children’s aspiration to use the smartphones is on rise with the increase in technology, thus, the endless capture of technologies in today’s world and ahead, grew the idea to bring forth the startup that could teach the students conveniently wherever they are, while being equipped with the technology of smartphone.

Therefore, WhizJuniors developed the idea that children should be equipped with powerful technology and education that they can use for being productive and constructive while being online. Thus, this followed the main idea to construct the technology learning online platform as WhizJuniors.

It helped students become very productive at a very young age. Currently, the students are spending approx. 23 minutes of productive time online using Whizjuniors platform while parents are also happy as their children are learning to be productive. The startup thus has 8-year-old who is developing the website or even the nine-year-old with the skills developing and giving brilliant outcomes.

Background of founders and the story behind the development.

Vidushi Daga, CEO and co-founder of WhizJuniors was working for 14 years in the stocks market, she realized that the need of the hour was to help children enjoy learning and reduce their time on gadgets over gaming.

Mr. Sudarshan Daga, the other co-founder works as the visionary of the company while handling the complete product management. He also graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

Furthermore, the team is very closely knit with a number of 25 people working in their team. The team comprises of young members and thus, is very energetic and passionate while concentrating on the good quality product.  

How the startup began to work on this idea?

The startup was initiated by Vidushi at her home with just 3 children where they were trained but looking forward to expand more, the startup followed the online route to expand. The startup began with three children where now it brings up to 1 lakh 57 thousand students with the retention period of upto three years.

In October 2016, under the guidance of Mr. Ukai from San Fransisco, the startup learnt to gamify the whole concept with the initiation to give virtual coins or gems while the students were levelling up as they can earn it for themselves.

Therefore, the WhizStore, helps the students to redeem those coins for certain products such as the smart phones or many more that the students are fond of.

The startup’s USP (Unique Selling Point)

While making learning fun for the students, the startup also focuses on building tech geniuses. The startup constructs the entire learning format where young children are learning to quote things logically and improving their concentration by more than 300 percent by being productive online. While the platform is gamified and builds a strong social network for the students to develop more.

Struggle in the early days

The startup faced a long drawn out run to convince the parents about the technology or the computer and coding while keeping the child productive online because children want to talk the language of gadgets. Children are more towards technologies shelter and thus, this could yet, benefit the students to learn with that itself.

So explaining the non-tech believing parents that computers is equally important than maths and science because it will benefit the all-round development of the child while increasing the child’s concentration and logical thinking, became one of the difficulties for the startup to head on.

Yet, with the advertisements and development of the era, people have now started realizing the importance of technologies for their children and learning.

Funding received (if any)

Currently the startup hasn’t received any funding as the co-founder Mr. Sudarshan Daga believes that if the startup is ready to go global then it would start looking for funding.

So, as the startup is confident with more than 9,517 minutes of video tutorials and more than 80,000 MCQs supported while the children are engaged and users are happy, the company can look up for funding’s to build an amazing business plan.

User base they have achieved till now

Currently, the startup looks after 1,57,000 students in the platform with monthly active users of 23,000 people.

New Areas if they are looking to expand

As the startup currently focuses on more than 117 courses on the portal, the startup looks forward to build higher end courses such as the AI, Ethical writing and Machine Learning and even the robotics. Also the startup aims to expand in the nearby countries like UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Futuristic plans of the startup

The startup plans to increase the content subsequently, for instance, MS-Paint is updated to MS-Paint 3-D and thus keeping an eye on the quality of the content while also updating it at the same time. The startup thus, also focuses on to expand it with 1.13 crores students at the end of 2022.

How can Techiexpert help them to spread word about their startup?

The startup aims to bring more students into the world of technology and fun learning techniques and thus, requires the parents to support their children for the same as it would also help the students to pursue higher education while they have already received any certificate course in-hand.

So the startup wants the parents to know about the startup’s products and its importance for the students to learn better.

Also, UNESCO tied up with the startup while the startup was their learning partner for hosting the entire Youth Multimedia Competition all over the world with 84 countries receiving a great goodwill through them.

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