Who Called Me From This Phone Number: How to Check and Top Platforms

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Who Called Me From This Phone Number: How to Check and Top Platforms 1

In the age of constant connectivity, receiving calls from unknown numbers has become a common dilemma. The burning question, “who called me from this phone number?” rings in the minds of many. Thankfully, reverse phone lookup services help reveal who is calling from unknown numbers. In this article ‘Who Called Me From This Phone Number: How to Check and Top Platforms’, we will look at the best platforms for figuring out who called you from an unknown phone number as well as talk about some more relevant information.


Reverse Phone Lookup Services

When faced with the question of who called me from this phone number, reverse phone lookup services help in figuring out the caller. These services like TruthFinder, Intelius, Instant Checkmate, Spokeo and BeenVerified are experts at revealing the hidden information behind phone numbers. Using a reverse phone search reveals a wealth of information about the caller such as contact details, public records and even links to their social media profiles.


BeenVerified emerges as a top player in the world of reverse phone lookup. It is featured on MTV’s “Catfish” TV show. It offers a seven-day trial for $1.00, or monthly subscriptions at $26.89 or three months for $52.44. It is known for providing a comprehensive package. However, unlike some competitors, it limits users to 100 lookup reports per month. Even so, it is great at giving important details like names, aliases, addresses, emails, social media and possible connections.


  • Diverse search options, covering names, phone numbers, and more
  • Discounted pricing for extended subscriptions


  • No individual reports; subscription-based model
  • Occasionally less detailed compared to competitors

BeenVerified proves invaluable for figuring unknown callers, reconnecting with old friends or investigating potential connections. It is a top choice for people who want affordable and dependable reverse phone lookup services.


If you want a complete solution, TruthFinder is the way to go. Priced at $4.99/month for unlimited searches, its reports go beyond mere contact details. It is perfect for those dealing with spam calls, checking out potential dates or verifying online sellers.


  • Swift and refined search results
  • Unlimited searches with a monthly subscription
  • Additional features like dark web searches


  • Additional fees for report downloads
  • Limited to U.S. phone numbers


Information.com offers efficient reverse phone lookup services with a vast database and user-friendly interface. It provides detailed caller reports, including personal and social information, catering to both one-time users and subscribers. With a focus on privacy and ease of use, Information.com is a top choice for identifying unknown callers quickly.


  • Extensive database ensures comprehensive information on callers.
  • User-friendly interface simplifies the search process.
  • Prioritizes user privacy and data security.


  • May require a subscription for full access to features.
  • Information accuracy can vary depending on the source.
  • Potential delay in updating information, leading to occasional discrepancies.


Intelius enters the scene as a subscription-based phone number lookup service, charging $34.95/month after a $0.95 six-day trial. Unlike some competitors, it bundles reverse phone lookup with people and address searches. It provides unlimited access to reports. Intelius reports cover details like address history, photos, social media and related persons to give a complete picture of the unknown caller.


  • Multiple subscription plans for public record searches
  • Extensive database and fast search results
  • User-friendly platform with mobile apps


  • Changing subscription packages
  • Limited customer service options
  • For frequent phone number searches and a well-maintained database, Intelius stands out as a viable choice, despite occasional pricing complexities.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate positions itself as an affordable option for those seeking reverse phone lookup services. For $5.99/month, users gain unlimited access to detailed reports covering owner information, addresses, photos, social media profiles and more. Even though it does not offer individual reports, Instant Checkmate stands out for its simplicity, making it a great choice for those who need to do frequent phone number lookups.


  • Individual pricing for reverse phone lookups
  • User-friendly interface and Android app


  • Subscription-based model; no individual reports
  • No iOS mobile app
  • Instant Checkmate proves effective for those desiring straightforward reverse phone lookup services without the complexity of bundled subscriptions.


PeopleFinders distinguishes itself by offering individual reports, providing flexibility for users. With membership options ranging from $24.95 to $29.95/month, it delivers extensive search results such as including names, contact details, phone carriers and address information. Boasting an impressive database of approximately 43 billion public records, it caters to various search needs.


  • Individual reports and membership options
  • Easy-to-use search process
  • Android and iOS mobile apps


  • Contacting customer service required for cancellations
  • May yield information about distant relatives
  • PeopleFinders stands out for its individual report offerings, making it suitable for occasional users seeking flexibility in their reverse phone lookup endeavors.

What Can You Expect From Reverse Phone Lookup Services?

For those unfamiliar with reverse phone lookup services, they serve as gateways to a wealth of information stored in public records. These services gather information from court records, home sales and social media as well, linking a phone number to a plethora of details about the caller. Whether it is a mobile or landline number, these services are essential tools to uncover the identities behind unknown calls.

Each reverse phone lookup site on this list offers unique reports, varying in depth and detail. Reports commonly include the caller’s name, address, photos, social media profiles and some more related information. Some services go above and beyond, providing details about possible relatives, email addresses and additional numbers linked to the individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

When confronted with the puzzle of unknown callers, questions arises “Who Called Me From This Phone Number”. Here are answers to some common questions:

What is the best way to find out who called me from this phone number?

While basic search engines offer limited information, a dedicated reverse phone lookup service guarantees more accurate and detailed reports about unknown callers.

What should I do if a phone number keeps calling me?

Blocking the number through your mobile or landline provider is a practical solution. Alternatively, a reverse phone lookup can unveil whether the calls are spam, allowing informed decisions on blocking.

Is there any way to find out who called me without paying?

Free reverse phone search services exist, but paid options provide more accurate and up-to-date information. Regular users benefit from low-cost subscriptions offering in-depth reports and unlimited searches.

Can you Google search a phone number?

While Google searches are possible, dedicated reverse phone lookup services offer superior accuracy and regularly update their extensive databases.

How do you check to find out who’s calling you if the call is from an unknown number?

Aside from dialing *69 or *57, a reverse phone lookup service offers a reliable and comprehensive solution to identify unknown callers and assess potential threats.

Can I block a phone number from calling me?

Both iPhone and Android users can easily block numbers through their call history, preventing unwanted calls.

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