With Whole Foods Purchase, Amazon Just Bought a Playground for Big Data

With Whole Foods Purchase, Amazon Just Bought a Playground for Big Data

When it is big data, it is not simply online data that circulates through the various consumer networks. It can also be offline data which may well be of utmost significance and hence, bringing it online can be an important move. Amazon has thought of it earlier than anyone else and hence, its acquisition of Whole Foods Markets.

The 13.7 billion dollars invested for this cause is being seen as Amazon’s bold move to upend the very idea of retail and to enter the level of fundamental necessities and transactions. New concepts like presence marketing are emerging and Amazon is going to be the first company to integrate offline analytical concerns with online analytical prowess to track customer movements.

Knowing about customers more than ever

Often, Amazon is simply seen as an automating force in the market that will help bringing simplicity to consumption. However, Amazon is more than that as this purchase is to apply the online analytics to a complete offline dimension and gain knowledge about buying habits. It will be unprecedented because nobody has ever gained access to this particular data and Amazon may well gain a strong foothold in a virtually unknown, and potentially game-changing territory.With Whole Foods Purchase, Amazon Just Bought a Playground for Big Data

In a recent turn of events, Amazon gained a patent to let the customers’ in-store search about products online for comparing prices. So much so, it can now easily get the location data as well as search data through Wi-Fi network as long as the customer is inside the store.

Tracking the customers in real-time

As your visitor data is continuously tracked and recorded through Wi-Fi network, your usual routes as well as navigation will be recorded and that will help Amazon understand whether you spend time for vegetables or baby foods. In fact, how much time do you spend in front of each brand can also be tracked and then it can automate you towards that favourite brand of yours.

If there is something you buy frequently, you can avail home delivery for it. In short, little by little, each customer’s Whole Foods profile will be under Amazon’s radar. In fact, even the amount can be suggested if you suddenly buy excessively or you don’t buy something essential.

Winning the food retail game

Among all the retail businesses, food retail implies the toughest challenges and all the big food retails are joining the chase. Walmart and Costco are more than tough competitors and they are also looking to collect similar kind of data. More importantly, food is something everyone buys frequently and hence, gives the finest possible insight about a person.

From behavior to buying patterns to consumption patterns, such as whether the customer prefers brands over prices, whether fancy food over regular meals and many more data can be gathered and then, tallied with other kinds of data. In fact, the diet patterns are also up for observation such as protein and curbs. In short, Amazon is changing retail head on by making the customer a moving body of innumerable data points.

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