Why Businesses Should Embrace New-Age Cloud Technologies

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Why Businesses Should Embrace New-Age Cloud Technologies

Businesses, don’t just think about cloud benefits. Look at how cloud, AI and big data team up to bring a game-changing combo to tech. It is not just about the cloud. It is about the powerful trio of cloud, AI and big data.


Traditionally, companies operated like relay races, passing data and decisions between departments. However, with the integration of real-time cloud analytics and AI, businesses are transforming into cohesive organisms, seamlessly incorporating feedback and implementing changes at a pace previously unimaginable. Companies can quickly fix problems, like late deliveries, by using real-time data. They analyze feedback, find the issues and take action in just a few days.

Beyond speed, this convergence fuels innovation, providing a substantial boost to companies willing to embrace the future. For instance, a forward-thinking pet food company utilized AI in the cloud to discover a gap in the market: a lack of nutritious options for older dogs with arthritis. With this knowledge, the company quickly made a new product, proving that real-time data isn’t just for improving old stuff but for creating brand-new things.

Innovation loves trying out ideas fast. Cloud tech helps a lot by quickly making and testing virtual stuff. Industries with software can speed up turning ideas into real things. Moreover, the flexibility of cloud computing assists R&D teams in overcoming on-premise hardware limitations by providing high computational resources on demand.

The marriage of cloud and AI technologies also offers groundbreaking opportunities for internal operational enhancements. Language models within a company’s cloud can analyze internal communication. For example, analyzing client dissatisfaction emails in correlation with internal discussions might unveil staffing issues as the root cause of project failures.

Streamlining information retrieval within organizations is another area where the cloud and AI shine. Mixing these tech tools lets businesses make smart internal search systems. It is like having a super-smart librarian who finds important info fast in a sea of documents and databases.

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