Why can DeepMind become a top concern

Why can DeepMind become a top concern

The core excellence of DeepMind is breaking precedents in many ways. It is the ultimate research facility that tends to redefine the meaning of artificial intelligence as you know it.

London based research lab facility which is none other than the games DeepMind is in the center of attention these days. According to many big minds (which also includes the name of Elon Musk) the inception of this research facility is one of the biggest things that the world has witnessed so far. The appellation of this entity is undoubtedly the top concern in the arena of AI or artificial intelligence.

What is there in the essence of DeepMind?

DeepMind is known to house a highly functional team of researchers that seems to be focused on the development of secure AI protocols and systems. The entity is behind the creation of artificial intelligence that can change the lifestyle of humanity for Ever. It is a technology decision that happens to share its connections with Alphabet Inc. Now, DeepMind stands as a property of Google and it has been doing wonderful work in all its research centers. 

  • AGI or artificial general intelligence is a speciality with DeepMind.
  • The organization is into catering problem solving protocols to its target client entities and nations.
  • It sorts out artificial intelligence related issues.
  • A significant amount of R&D goes on here.
  • The entity is also catering to the needs of cloud storage function enlargement as well as data security development.
  • DeepMind is also behind the creation of awe inspiring app development processes. 

These are some of the most vital activities which DeepMind will be doing for the entire humanity. Elon Musk keeps huge faith in the prowess with which DeepMind is going to work. 

AI is known to be a comparatively better version than human beings. However, Elon Musk stated that human beings need to be as much cautious as possible with the facility of AI. Presently, Elon Musk is putting things at the helm. He intend to solve intelligence in a power packed fashion. Through the platform of DeepMind, Elon intends to combine the forces of neuroscience as well as computer technology. He is also saying that Neuralink would be a concern in the upcoming time. However, as of now there is no qualm that the use of artificial intelligence will create scopes of a win-win situation and a trail of incalculable benefits. 

The role of DeepMind Health 

DeepMind Health is also a crucial concern in the present era. The entity has joined forces with the Google Health team. The utmost role of importance for DeepMind Health is to ascertain the precision of a picturesque search work in the sanctums of mobile tools, health care and other areas. The precise scope as well as nature of work done by  DeepMind Health has always been phenomenal since its inception. 

It is important to note that Elon Musk used to be one of the most influential fundraisers behind DeepMind. He continued to find it before Google acquired the research facility. 

Google acquired the research lab facility at the purchase price of $600 Million. The OpenAI system happens to be a top priority for the research lab. 

The big game heralded 

DeepMind is ready deep down to cast a global impact with the insurance of life altering technology. The appellation has had big names associated with it since the very moment it has seen daylight. With these big entities and big levels of aspirations around, it is perhaps not too much asking to pin hopes on DeepMind coming out with flying colors. 

Keep a tab on the facts and inherent facets which are part and parcel of the sphere of DeepMind. If the grapevine sources are true, this is the technology hub which is going to act like the birth ground of new features and market leading technologies of the future. The time has come when AI needs to be used judiciously. So, brace yourself to envision the magic DeepMind is going to create.

Written by Srikanth

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