Why Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Solutions Are Better

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Why Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Solutions Are Better 1

The cybersecurity industry is always changing. New technology is always being pioneered and the demands of both businesses and individuals in need of online security increase. The reason for this is simple: Hacking and all the types of bad actors that go with it are always changing too. The methods in which our devices can be exposed, putting our sensitive data and information at risk, are advancing. 


Whether through malware or something as blatant as brute force attacks, the need for cybersecurity on our devices becomes more essential every day. Businesses that don’t employ online safety measures can be wiped out and closed for good with just one hack. All customer information and other confidential data will be stolen. Either that or you’re locked out of your own network, no doubt with a hefty ransom that needs paying in order to regain access. 

Governments and major well-known companies, the types of organizations you’d expect to be entirely protected against hacking, aren’t safe. The sophistication, skill and sheer determination that goes into successfully hacking a highly encrypted government network is something so assumedly difficult that you almost have to admire the efforts. Sometimes, though, the way that bad actors gain access is entirely simple – in many cases, it’s an unaware, low-level employee that gets phished or accidentally installs malware on their device and hands them the key.

Even when equipped with the most advanced online safety measures, there’s always a chance that your network will be breached should you find yourself a target. The best thing we can do is to tool up in order to minimize the chances of any hacking attempts being successful. 

One easy way that businesses can secure their network quickly is by making the switch to a cloud-based cybersecurity solution. When managed effectively,  Sticking with the alternative of using on-premise resources like local servers and firewalls, though it has its merits, can lead to a host of security problems as well setbacks to your operations. 

It might feel reassuring to have your data close by, but having it stored in one location can lead to a disaster should the system malfunction or get breached. Plus, you’re open to a lot of issues and the need for the occasional manual maintenance. With so many employees working remotely right now, you’ll no doubt be paying to protect an already expensive infrastructure that no one is accessing on-site. 

There are plenty of benefits to making the switch to cloud-based security – keep reading to find out what they are and a few brands that are currently offering some of the best solutions available. 

Key Advantages Of Turning To The Cloud

It’s Much More Cost-Effective: On-premise solutions are expensive to operate with, what with maintenance costs, the need to hire dedicated IT staff, and the hefty investment that’s required to purchase physical equipment. When using cloud solutions, you’re able to save capital and even spread the costs monthly should you need to. This is especially useful to startups and small businesses that need to watch their spending. Cost certainly isn’t the most important advantage, but the possible savings available can really help businesses enhance their services.

Scalability: Scaling your cloud security to reflect the growth or downsizing of your company is as simple as adjusting your current service package. Should you need to make substantial changes, a quick call to your provider will see your new setup implemented immediately. On-premise security requires purchasing new equipment and manually installing and configuring it. This takes time and proper planning too since you’ll need to ensure that the upgrades will properly reflect your change in requirements. 

It’s Safer: Keeping your data off-site and in the cloud means you’re not as vulnerable and the damage will be far less severe should your network get attacked. You’re able to automate routine backups of your data as frequently as you like, so you’ll always be able to retrieve it. Both cloud and on-premise solutions are only secure when managed effectively, however. 

Access To Support: The companies that provide cloud security solutions have dedicated technical teams available 24/7 to ensure your network is performing properly and to handle any queries your IT staff might have. What’s more, you’d also be benefiting from real-time monitoring so if anything did go wrong, it’ll be actioned immediately. With on-premise solutions, you’re on your own. 

Top Cloud Cybersecurity Firms You Can Count On

There are numerous options when it comes to cloud cybersecurity, so deciding which one to go for might seem a little overwhelming. Below you’ll find three of the favorites that are relied on by businesses around the world. 


ExtraHop is a Seattle-based cybersecurity provider that focuses entirely on cloud solutions. Known for its top-tier response and detection commitments, it offers full visibility of your system as well as intelligent security measures that can be used on Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and hybrid networks. 

With real-time detection, ExtraHop provides users an 84% faster threat resolution than you’d have by not using it. 

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 has made a huge impression on both the industries and the businesses that use its solutions. It offers a full suite of tools to protect organizations, ranging from firewall as a service to zero trust network access and a business VPN. 

What it’s mostly known for, though, is its comprehensive SASE software, which is designed to deliver powerful protection against all kinds of threats, as well as the improved management of your organization’s network. 

Red Canary

Red Canary is the perfect partner to any organization that wants to install or upgrade its approach to cybersecurity. Founded in 2013, the US-based company can safeguard businesses of all sizes with its security solutions and open-source tools. Anyone considering Red Canary will be pleased to know that it also provides threat detection and network management services to stop breaches in their tracks should they ever happen. 

The company claims to improve response ten-fold, as well as a 75% reduction in risk to your endpoints over time. 

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