Why Do External Hard Drives Fail so Often and How to Fix It?

Why Do External Hard Drives Fail so Often and How to Fix It? 1

A hard drive is not only storage for all your data, which includes both programs and personal files (photos, audio, and video). It is also one of the main components of the computer as a whole since it allows you to run the operating system. And sooner or later, external hard drives fail. So, what are the most common reasons for a Mac hard drive failing, and how to fix it?

Reasons for a Mac Hard Drive Failing

Before the hard drive breaks down, there are signs indicating this:

·   The slowdown of the computer is reflected in the system startup. The performance of the computer decreases and this is the reason for checking the hard drive.

·   If the computer is constantly restarting, then a problem with the hard drive may be one of the reasons.

If you find any malfunctions on the computer, the best option is to turn it off. If the hard drive is broken, then prolonged use of the computer will lead to irreversible consequences. The storage area will become inaccessible and complete data loss will occur. Still, you can fix it.

How to Prevent/Fix Failures and Errors

A hard drive, which plays one of the most important roles in a computer system, like any other equipment, is not immune to all sorts of failures and errors. How to fix them?

  1. Use hard drive repair software
Why Do External Hard Drives Fail so Often and How to Fix It? 2

Many think that external hard drive recovery is a daunting task for the average PC user. But special programs will help solve the problem if external hard drives go bad, perform home recovery without losing data, or find at least some of the lost files. Everything is in your hands — you just need to choose the right recovery tool. Disk Drill is a fairly powerful program that allows you to find errors in the hard drive system, as well as recover files from external hard drive lost due to accidental deletion. It mainly acts on damaged areas where failures have occurred and tries to repair damaged registries and areas.

  • Do a virus check

Unfortunately, viruses can also affect the appearance of hard drive malfunctions either indirectly or directly. It is recommended to immediately check the hard drive for threats using portable scanners. A quality anti-virus tool helps you schedule an automatic antivirus scan of your computer. The program generates reports on the state of your computer, which provide information about what was detected during the scan. And, if possible, it will try to repair the damage caused by the virus.

  • Don’t let a computer overheat

Overheating is also one of the most common problems leading to hard drive failure. If the system is overloaded, the cooler may start spinning slower. As a result, the system begins to heat up immediately after loading. Moreover, there is a high probability of hearing extraneous clicks, which indicates an overheating of the hard drive. Because of a lack of proper ventilation that overheats the system, the hard drive begins to deteriorate. To avoid such problems, you should install the cooler correctly and provide sufficient cooling for the hard drive as soon as possible.

Well, anyone can face hard drive malfunctions. This is equipment with a limited life. Moreover, it usually ranges from 4 to 8 years. It all depends on how carefully you treat the hard drive. Still, some problems of external hard drive data recovery can be dealt with on your own, without special skills and specialized equipment. But this applies only to minor problems associated mainly with incorrect connection, the influence of accumulated mess, or software malfunctions.

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