Why getting Microsoft Azure Certification is important for your career?

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Cloud Computing has managed to become one of the biggest industries in the world that is generating revenue worth billions of dollars along with thousands of job opportunities. There are several big names that are offering cloud services to customers all over the world, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Rackspace, and others. 


If you want to make a career in the field of cloud computing, you can follow the career paths and certifications of any one of the major cloud service providers. However, out of all the ones mentioned above, Microsoft Azure is the only service provider offering role-based certifications. These certifications have been created in accordance with job roles and market requirements. More than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Azure. Thanks to the worldwide adoption of cloud services from Microsoft Azure, there is a high demand for professionals who are an expert in it and can develop cloud applications and manage cloud infrastructures. 

Here is why getting a Microsoft Azure certification is important for your career:

  1. Flexibility

When it comes to cloud computing, Microsoft Azure certifications hold a very important value because of the flexible career options it offers. With the Microsoft Azure certifications, you will be able to secure credible roles like cloud administrator, security engineer, developer, data engineer, AI engineer, DevOps engineer, and solutions architect. The nine role-based certifications will help increase your versatility in your current role and the current industry. 

With more and more businesses shifting their operations to the cloud, the benefits associated with the certification have increased manifold. Having Microsoft Azure certifications will make you eligible for roles that involve developing, implementing, and managing cloud services in industries like healthcare, finance, insurance, banking, or government. You will be able to work in positions all across the world.

  1. Income

Higher salaries and improved recognition in the field are other benefits associated with Microsoft Azure certification. Your Microsoft Azure certification will be representing your skillset. And since the demand for professionals specializing in cloud computing is increasing, you can expect to get better compensation than your non-certified counterparts. The salary range will vary depending on the company you are working in and the country you are located in. And as you become a Senior certified professional, your salary will gradually increase as well.

  1. Structured learning

Microsoft Azure certifications have a structured learning methodology that allows you to learn different tools better. You will be able to learn common tools like Hadoop, Eclipse, and GitHub easily and adapt to the platform and services of Azure with ease and simplicity.

Also, the concise learning process allows fresh candidates to improve their Azure learning faster. You can use online resources like ebooks, tutorials, and courses to understand the theoretical as well as practical concepts of Microsoft Azure services.

  1. Progressive Development

As mentioned above, Microsoft Azure is among the top cloud service providers offering nine role-based certifications that are based on the requirements of the market. If you earn some or all of these role-based certifications, professional career development is ensured. As more businesses adopt Microsoft Azure cloud services, the demand for certified professionals has increased as well.

Azure certifications involve different professional tracks such as Azure administrator, developer, architect, AI engineer, security engineer, data engineer, and data scientist, which will enable you to become a top cloud professional. 

  1. Asset 

As a Microsoft Azure certified professional, you will become an important asset for your company that can help in enhancing the growth of the business. Through the certifications, you will be capable of leveraging the benefits offered by the Azure cloud environment. For example, the pay-as-you-go feature can help organizations in reducing IT costs and avoiding any additional costs. Microsoft Azure has a comprehensive association of cloud and on-premises data centers, especially for small as well as medium-sized companies. You will be able to help them scale and migrate their operations to the cloud for reducing the cost.

  1. Security offerings

The Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certification prepares you for the role of Azure Security Engineer and provides better security offerings. As an Azure Security Engineer, you will have to manage and secure cloud-based solutions and hybrid cloud solutions that are a part of the end-to-end infrastructure. With Microsoft Azure, you will have some of the best security tools and protocols called the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). This will assure that the hosted applications and services on Azure are completely protected and secured. Microsoft Azure also has an ISO 27018 certification for cloud privacy, recognized by European data protection authorities. This way, businesses can focus on other core business aspects like the development of applications, instead of worrying if their data and users are secured on Azure or not.

  1. .NET integration

.NET is an open-source, cross-platform, and free developer platform that was created by Microsoft. Thousands of programmers use this programming platform to build different kinds of applications. Also, it offers integration opportunities with Microsoft Azure. Everything will be managed by Azure so you won’t have to deal with a complicated process. You will also have the support of a huge community. The community support is also the reason why Microsoft Azure is among the favorite services. The developers are able to create advanced applications and deploy them on the Azure cloud. 

The .NET platform integration is one of the biggest advantages programmers working with the platform have. It allows the developers to focus on creating their applications, instead of looking for cloud service providers offering integration for the coding platform. Also Microsoft Azure supports open-source platforms like Java, Linux, and PHP for running applications on the Azure cloud. With this integration, the working agility and performance of Azure are significantly increased.

If you want to work with Microsoft Azure and are committed to learning it, the first thing that you have to do is improve your capabilities and learn the Azure fundamentals. Only then will you be able to become a Microsoft Azure certified professional. To stay committed to the learning process and achieve your goal, it is advised that you enroll yourself in a training program. The certification will be an important credential on your resume and professional career.

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