Why Investors Should Pay Attention to the IoT

By Sunil Sonkar
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Why Investors Should Pay Attention to the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing. It is offering unprecedented levels of efficiency, convenience as well as connectivity. Moreover, the transformation spans across various sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, urban infrastructure and consumer electronics. It is also being viewed as an opportunity for investors to gain significant returns in the future.


Smart manufacturing is one of the most exciting applications of IoT. Machines can communicate with each other and even with humans with the help of it. This will lead to enhanced efficiency and productivity. Factory equipment can predict its own breakdowns, eliminating unexpected halts and ensure smooth operations. All such real-time updates streamline the processes and reduce downtime.

Similarly, robotic arm can detect whether it is moving slower than usual and thereafter can send an alert in car manufacturing. The IoT can implement maintenance before a failure occurs. It will save time as well as money. IoT can also optimize resource management by tracking material usage and simultaneously notify about restocking if it is necessary. It will reduce waste and increase productivity.

IoT is changing landscape of patient care in healthcare industry. Devices can monitor health round the clock. Wearables track heart rates and send data to doctors. It is like a mini-hospital on one’s wrist. The technology significantly improves chronic illness management including diabetes. The connected system monitor glucose levels and thereafter adjusts insulin doses automatically. As an aftermath, quality of life is enhanced and hospital visits are reduced.

Hospitals simultaneously also benefit from IoT system. Smart beds help in sending alert to nurses when patients need assistance or medication. Hence, it ensures timely care and improves patient outcomes. Healthcare providers gain access to detailed data. This adds to informed decision-making.

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