Why Ios Push Notifications goes Viral

Why Ios Push Notifications goes Viral 1

Push notifications have changed the way we look at digital advertisements. It has revolutionized the marketing industry. These days traditional advertisements are counting their final days.

In today’s era push notifications in the form of React Native Push Notifications for Android and iOS mobile applications are setting up new benchmarks. They are increasing user experience at an alarming rate thus providing new insight to marketing.

Although push notifications are going viral on all platforms. But in the past few months push notifications are becoming more and more popular on iOS. When it comes to iOS, one of the good things with iOS was, it does not allow brands to send push notifications until it was manually permitted by the user. It means a user was in complete control whether to receive push notifications or not. It was different from Android in which the OS automatically opt-in for push notifications.

This was one of the reasons behind the popularity of push notifications for iOS. For in-depth analysis let us go through why push notifications on iOS go viral?

  1. Apple Store Review Guidelines: According to new guidelines from Apple on the 4th of March 2020, developers can use push notifications for advertising. Basically Apple does not allow push notifications for posting ads. But as per new guidelines now developers are in control to send ads via push notifications.

It means they can use push notifications for both promotions and direct marketing, provided that they are explicitly allowed by the user to do so. Moreover, if the user doesn’t want to receive ads anymore, an option for opt-out still holds valid.

  1. New Notification Center: The notification center and manage notifications system in iOS provides more control to users. Now users can control the way they receive push notifications directly from the lock screen and home screen.

It means if a user is looking for a change in permissions. It can be changed quickly from the home screen itself. As a result more freedom to users. It also means they are more likely to opt for iOS push notifications as they can control what they want and when they want.

new notification center

3. The intelligence of Siri: With Siri being a part of push notifications, now focus is laid on quietly delivering or turning alerts off. It means when a user receives irrelevant push notifications Siri is there to suggest to mute these irrelevant notifications.

This is considered good for both the sender and the receiver. As for the receiver, no more alerts that cause simple disturbances during the working hours. And for the sender, if the notifications are engaging they will be shown more. Therefore a sender can use personalization and segmentation. This will help the sender to stay apart from the competitors and achieve sales targets with ease.

the intelligence of Siri
  1. Provisional authorization: Provisional authorization is one of the crucial factors that has revolutionized push notifications on iOS. Now the iOS users will automatically opt-in for push notifications on installing apps. It means now developers can send push notifications to iOS users on the successful installation of apps.

Basically, before provisional authorization the opt-in rate of iOS users was considerably low due to manual opt-in. Therefore only a few users move forward with opt-in to receive push notifications. As a result, developers were struggling to engage users on a regular basis.

But now with provisional authorization a two-way communication can be easily established between a user and a sender. Now sender can use this opportunity to provide a good user experience and to earn loyalty.

  1. Grouping: What previously used to happen was push notifications from the same app were shown separately on the lock screen. It used to create confusion in the mind of iPhone users. It also affects the user experience negatively.

But now with the introduction of the grouping, all push notifications from the same app will be shown in the same group. As a result, it reduces clutter and provides more screen space for users.

It also enhances the user experience and they avoid opt-outs. It also aids the senders by providing them an opportunity to bypass the irrelevant or less interested push notification. A push notification that carries a high user’s interest will motivate the user to even view the less interesting notifications, present in the same group.


  1. Advantageous quality bar: Bedtime mode has made the push notifications experience more friendly for users. As when the bedtime mode is enabled by the user it will hide all notifications and only show them in the morning.

It means an opportunity for a sender to grab the deal. As the first thing in the morning that people like to do is to have a look at their phones. It means the push notification will be among those things that the user will see in the morning. This will remain in their mind, the whole day long, urging them to take necessary action.

Conclusion: With the impact of push notifications on both business and audience they are considered as a necessity. This is the reason why Apple took this thing into consideration and made appropriate changes. These changes include automatically opt-in, necessary controls for both users and senders, necessary suggestions, and so on. This has eventually put a vast effect on React Native push notifications and iOS push notifications. Now timely and slowly Apple has started giving more and more freedom to push notifications on iOS. This is the reason why push notifications on iOS go viral.

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