Why is AngularJs is the perfect fit for your next mobile app

Why is AngularJs is the perfect fit for your next mobile app 1

Over the years it has been observed that the landscape of web development has completely changed. The use of mobile phones has replaced the traditional method of browsing. The mobile phone has given that authority and power to its users. Applications of good quality are being created by the AngularJs development companies with the help of using Ionic and AngularJs framework.

The age of e-commerce is on its peak today, and each and every company is looking forward to make its mark on the market. This has resulted in a huge number of demand for web developers. 

There are more than 876 million websites present according to a recent survey and with each passing day this number is increasing. For web development there are  a lot of platforms available, all it takes is to make the right choice amongst them.

 Talking about AngularJs, it came into existence in the year 2009 and since then it has made its presence felt on the market. Its concept revolves around HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and JS (JavaScript) and is an open source web application framework.

It was designed to simplify the front-end development and to assist in maintenance There are several reasons to choose AngularJs for the projects.

About AngularJs frontend framework

Allowing to create SPAs (Single page application) it’s an open source framework. It has set up itself well in the market ever since it was launched in the year 2009, and today it is the most popular JavaScript framework.                                      

Development of AngularJs

One of the major reasons for its popularity is that it is developed by Google and also maintained by the Google experts,  giving it a brand value/name which makes it different from the other JS frameworks which are developed by open source community. 

Thus, AngularJs is much more reliable than them. So even if there is an issue it will be solved under expert supervision.                                   

Growing community

AngularJs is a huge community with a large number of members including core members as well as the members stopping by to make some improvements in the framework. A large number of conferences are also organised globally regarding AngularJs . Also, these are many sources present online and books too,  from where the developer can gather any information about AngularJs.                                

Use of MVC Architecture

MVC stands for Model View Controller, the concept of MVC architecture is used by the AngularJs for the development of web applications. All you need to do for this is to split the app and then everything will be taken care of by the AngularJs and MVC will be implemented to the app.

It performs several tasks such as-

  • Maintenance of the data by the Model.
  • Displaying of the data can be done with the help of View.
  • The work of the controller is to establish a connection between the Model and the View.

Code styling

In the case of AngularJs it is Declarative paradigm which is used for the creation of patterns. With the help of this it becomes quite easy to read the codes and also it makes the code more lightweight. The necessary codes and result are only described and there is no need to describe every element with the implementation of this code styling.

Binding of the data

A two-way binding data is used in the case of AngularJs,  i.e if any change is made in the User Interface then it will lead to influencing of the objects of the application and vice versa. The necessary patterns are updated when there is a change in the module or action of the user on the page. However, the same thing cannot be expected from the other JS framework present.

Usage of the directives

HTML language is used by the AngularJs and with the help of directives such as <calendar></calendar>, it can be expanded. And they add to the information regarding the code. These directives help in working more productively and also in the creation of the logic. For the purpose of improving code readability, these directives can be used again and again.


There is no need of any other getter and setter functions in case of AngularJs as POJO (Plain old javascript object) is used in the case of AngularJs. Addition and removal of properties can also be done with the help of POJO.

Easy Usage

With the help of AngularJs it is quite easy to make certain developments as the need of writing codes is reduced. It implements MVC architecture which makes the work further easier. Thus, all these rich features contribute to its popularity in the market.

Ready-made solutions

There are ready-made modules present which assist in solving problems related to AngularJs. Applications with varied structures can be created as there is no barrier to the project structure in case of AngularJs. Also, hybrid applications can be created with the help of AngularJs.

Testing simplicity and user-friendly

With the help of module separation, only the necessary services can be loaded, and automatic testing can be performed effectively. Also, AngularJs can be browsed by both mobile and desktop making it more user-friendly.

Thus, all these factors contribute in the popularity of AngularJs and these salient features make it the right one to be chosen from the others.


Finding the right development tool for engineering an app is even a tough task in today’s digital world. AngularJS is for sure a definite winner in the present time owing to such massive benefits, but one must consult the right mobile app development company or experts before proceeding with mobile app development.

Written by Sonal Mehta

Sonal Mehta is a content marketer at Aavenir, with a decade of experience in the software and analytics industries. Aavenir delivers “future of work” with AI-/ML-powered source-to-pay solutions on ServiceNow. Previously, she worked at ZealousWeb Technologies and SoluLab, a leading blockchain, mobile, and web development company.

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