Why Java is the Most Preferred for Artificial Intelligence

Java in Artificial Intelligence

AI has brought digital transformation into business operations across various industries. It has become a significant part of our lifestyle. We can offer many use cases where Artificial Intelligence simplifies the process workflow, from autopilots for self-driving cars to using robots to handle warehouse jobs, implementation of chatbots in the customer care portals and more.

The Artificial Intelligence technology implications for the purpose of business processes in different sectors are enormous. That is why the purpose and need for hiring skilled java developers to build AI-based apps is skyrocketing in recent years. Furthermore, to get highly innovative, user-friendly, cost-effective solutions within the speculated time frame, you must choose the right programming language.

It is highly challenging to determine the best programming language for the AI because the application development process relies on the desired functional usage, requirements and several other factors. So in this blog, we are going to highlight the top AI programming languages. It is along with why Java is the best for AI.

Benefits of Using Java as Artificial Intelligence Programming Language

We have highlighted that Java is object-oriented and scalable as well. It provides several features to address different business needs. You can use it to create robust machine learning solutions, neural networks, and multi-robot systems and some other projects on AI.

Some of the major advantages of the languages are listed below:

  • It is cross-platform, which means you can develop large scale apps targeted to different platforms such as iOS, Android, Linux, Windows and more effectively and efficiently.
  • It has an inbuilt collector that deletes useless data automatically.
  • It has extensive community support to solve real-time issues or queries at any point in time.
  • The SWT and Swing help you to create excellent, user-friendly app interfaces and graphics.
  • Multiple free tutorials are available over the web on how to utilize the capabilities of Java as a programming language.

Java offers a virtual machine technology, which makes it portable, transparent, and easy to maintain. It supports different coding types of algorithms to make Artificial Intelligence apps development easier.

Useful Java tools for machine learning, AI and deep learning:


This Java tool supports Java with an API. However, it is not as feature-rich as other fully supported languages like the TensorFlow Python API, which is being improved at a faster pace. You can also check the TensorFlow Java GitHub repository to know more about its support and usage.


It is a Java-based, object-oriented programming neural network framework. This open-source and innovative platform offers a Java class library and Neuroph GUI to help create Artificial Intelligence neural net efficiently and quickly.

Deep Java Library

It is developed by Amazon; this Java focused development tool facilities creating and deploying deep learning abilities into the system.


It is a machine learning toolkit being built by Apache for the NLP (Neural Language Processing). You can find the Application Programming Interface (API) documentation on the official website to understand its functioning and usage.

JML (Java Machine Learning Library)

It is an open-source and innovative Java Framework that provides several Machine Learning algorithms to build smart apps in less period of time.

So, now let us look some of the popular Java-based Artificial Intelligence projects:


Weka is built and written in Java; WEKA is an open source tool. It offers several tools for the purpose of data pre-processing, implementing Machine Learning algorithms, and visualizations to solve real-time world data mining issues.

Joone (Java Object Oriented Neural Engine)

This neural network framework helps the users to build new modules to implement new algorithms or architecture for creating different kinds of AI apps. It provides features such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, a powerful built-in data processing mechanism, and modular neural networks.


It is Java-based AI apps that help students and Java developers to grow their Java programming skills. Here, they can create a robot that looks like a tank to move around and destroy some other tanks. By creating a simple robot code and implementing a behaviour strategy, you can build different ideas for using the programming intelligence to create engaging applications.

Bottom line

We hope you enjoy our article on why Java is the most preferred programming language for AI. AI is a transformative technology that has been adopted by businesses of all types and sizes. We saw that programming languages made a difference for businesses of all types and sizes. And we know that you’re not going to find a better programming language than Java today.

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