Why stick to iOS in this world of infinite choices?

If you are deciding upon the operating system to go for while purchasing your device – smartphone, tablet etc, just think of a device that is caring enough to remind you that you have actually browsed enough, and should keep away from your phone. It is none other than an iOS Apple iPhone, iPad or any iOS device. If you have not used an iOS device before come and explore the world of infinite opportunities with iOS and if you are already an Apple user, you would simply look for the next version of the device but not another smartphone operated on a different operating system.

With the latest launch of iOS 12, there are several features which will impact both type of users – for business and personal front. The oddities of iOS 11 are totally eliminated with 12, while the iOS 11 can be upgraded to 12 free of charges. The iOS 12, that most users are looking forward to test is available for download and is absolutely free! If you are a registered developer for apple, you can avail the developer beta with frequent refreshes at $99 for an annual membership. However proceed carefully as it is still an unfinished version and it I advisable to wait till the final iOS 12 is released in September 2018.

The major reasons share by iOS app development services‎ provider regarding why one should stick to iOS are as below:

  • Now you can avail the benefits of Skype and other video connects via its own Group Face Time. This can connect up to 32 participants at a single instance. Here the face of the speaker gets automatically maximised when active and minimises when he/she stops and the other person turns up. This sums up the life of corporates and professional business conferences!
  • Another amazing feature is that of Grouped notifications. It provides the benefit of viewing or swiping off multiple notifications from any app at a single instance. This helps to have a better control over the apps being used which can also be accessed from the lock screen. To add, the notifications appear stacked one above the other. This provides better view of all the notifications received. Moreover these notifications will also arrive in the DND mode so that you don’t miss out on anything urgent.
  • A smartphone never cared like this before! With Screen Time features, any iPhone or iPad user will have a control over the device usage. It will actually prompt the user saying that more than the average time has been spent with the phone and it will automatically lock, you may unlock it though!
  • If you are interested in bitcoins, stick to iOS as it is coming up with the Electron Cash wallet which is a well-known bitcoin cash wallet. This has got several settings which you can customise and is also secured with phrases and passwords.
  • You can track your children’s mobile usage with the latest upgrade.
  • Siri suggestions, Siri shortcuts and an option for using customisable shortcuts are now available with the latest iOS 12 version.

While security and privacy being the major focus area of iOS 12, it brings the Mobile Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention option which will automatically detect and prevent “like” and “share” options from social media!

So stay glued to iOS!


Written by Rosina De Palma

I write technical articles especially for iOS, Android and Xamarin mobile app development. Analyse on Cross Platform Apps and interested to learn android app development.

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