Why Switching to Cloud Gaming

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Why Switching to Cloud Gaming 1

With the blistering development of technologies and the advancement of high-speed networks, cloud gaming platforms have become commonplace in the gaming industry. 2019 was the year that brought this technology into the mainstream with the advent of numerous platforms offering a broad variety of games. Still, in 2020 a lot of people have no idea about the wide range of opportunities and benefits that cloud gaming platforms give us. So let’s break it down how cloud gaming works.


What Is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming functioning is similar to streaming services. In simple terms, it means playing a game remotely in the cloud — a server accessed over the Internet. Essentially, you input commands over a network while the remote computer is running a game for you. By using a cloud platform, users can access games from almost any device that has a stable Internet connection that makes high-end gaming experience easier and much cheaper. One of the greatest advantages is that you do not need to buy expensive latest hardware every year just to have access to the latest releases.

Is it expensive?

Cloud technology is quite costly at least because data centers require server maintenance and have huge electricity consumption. Therefore cloud business is quite expensive, yet the laws of market forces companies to compete and make some sweet offers in this fight, varying from €4.16 (Boosteroid) and up to $14.99 (Shadow) monthly in a year subscription.

What Cloud to choose?

The choice always depends on your needs, for instance, if you want to be serious about it and you are ready to download an application and spend some time adjusting settings just for your computer, then Playkey and Vortex will be your solution. If you want to receive a whole computer at your service and choose what kind of hardware you need — then choose Shadow. However, if you need some quick and cheap solution giving you an ability to play anywhere through your browser on any smartphone, laptop, or PC, then Boosteroid is your choice.

How can you start playing with cloud gaming services?

  1. Create an account or log in with other services.
  2. Subscribe.
  3. Run a game in any browser (Boosteroid) or, depending on the platform, download an application and open a game through it (Playkey, Vortex, Shadow).
  4. Play!

Important! Whatever Cloud you choose, check whether your desirable game is supported at that service and that your Internet connection is of great quality.

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