Why Tech Firm Needs DevSecOps In Its Cybersecurity Strategy

By Srikanth
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Why Tech Firm Needs DevSecOps In Its Cybersecurity Strategy 1

During the 21st century, technology has grown to become one of the most important entities throughout our society. The Internet’s growth in prevalence across the globe has led to a myriad of changes for a variety of elements within our civilization. Our society has changed drastically in the past two decades, and the increase in technology usage throughout the world has led to major transformations.


One of the most important transformations that has come about in recent years because of the rise of technology has been a revolution throughout the economy. Many new technology companies have joined the marketplace in the past 20 years, and new industries like SEO, web development, eCommerce, and more have grown immensely. One of the main concerns that tech companies (as well as many other enterprises) have is cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity can cause serious anxiety for businesses, which is why it is so important for your tech company to learn about the most important elements of protecting your company. There are numerous facets of  a successful cybersecurity strategy, and adopting the practices and culture of DevSecOps is an excellent way to improve your company’s safety. Learning about DevSecOps and how you can apply it into your enterprise is crucial for your security and success.

What is DevSecOps?       

Why Tech Firm Needs DevSecOps In Its Cybersecurity Strategy 2

When building up your company’s cybersecurity system, it is imperative that you adopt DevSecOps into your tech firm. DevSecOps is an abbreviation that stands for developer security operations – this is an offshoot of DevOps (developer operations).

DevOps helps to increase flexibility for your company, but oftentimes inadvertently leaves bugs or holes in your security system, allowing for potential breaches in your enterprise. This is not what you want, so adopting a culture of DevSecOps will add security to your organization. DevSecOps helps your company to stay secure, while still having the ability to quickly churn out new technology that helps to maintain your brand. 

Why is DevSecOps Important?     

If you want to have a high-functioning enterprise, then you need to utilize DevSecOps in your cybersecurity system. DevSecOps help with a variety of elements in your business, and utilizing a DevSecOps toolchain will indubitably aid you to visualize how enhanced security can benefit your development cycle.

There is almost always inherent digital risk throughout software development, and DevSecOps ensures that those risks are mitigated. You need to create a concerted effort to decrease risks, such as leaked credentials, leaked sensitive technology, erroneous configurations, and cybercriminals that pick on weak security practices.

Your DevSecOps system will help to ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands, which can have dire consequences, such as data extortion and exploited credentials. Understanding the importance of DevSecOps and learning how it can protect your enterprise is crucial for your success.

Final Thoughts

It is imperative that you understand how critical DevSecOps is for all modern technology companies, and how you can protect your business by implementing this system. Learning about this concept and applying it into your business model is a sure way to enhance your security and run a better organization. 

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