Why These Bharat-First Startups Should Not Go Unnoticed.

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Why These Bharat-First Startups Should Not Go Unnoticed. 1

India i.e Bharat known for its inventions and enlightening minds has gone a step ahead in transforming technologies, be it innovation  in construction technology or the using of artificial intelligence for generating employment in the health sector to educate the medical staff. Indians have left no sector untouched in terms of brainstorming  for a creative and original idea and filling the much needed gap be it inter sector or intra sector to  revolutionize  the startup culture. Some of these think tanks have not only marked their presence in India but have received recognition overseas. Their technology has also laid the foundation for inspiring more such innovations within the country. The impact created by these startups is not just within the sector but in the entire ecosystem and industry as whole.


Given the opportunity to make a mark, these Bharat-First should not go unnoticed for their creative and detailed strategy like never before.

Why These Bharat-First Startups Should Not Go Unnoticed. 2

ReNEWate– Reinventing real estate, ReNEWate with the help of technology and AI has made the lives of architects and construction contractors easy by providing them easy solutions.It educates about the latest trends of the market, Ideate and cope up with the rapidly growing counterparts. Using any smartphone, contractors & designers are now able to capture the project requirements, choose items & services from an extensive catalogue & generate a detailed estimate within minutes. ReNEWate has successfully created a niche in the construction technology, bridging the technological gap in the real estate and its sub sectors. Being a one of its kind solution provider, ReNEWate has made life easy for more than 25000+ users on their platform as of now and continues to grow.

Why These Bharat-First Startups Should Not Go Unnoticed. 3

SP Robotics– Founded by Sneha Priya and Pranavan, SP Robotics is disrupting the traditional engineering methods using AI powered learning.It is an online edutainment Startup providing experiential learning to students between the age of 7 to 17 in latest technologies like Robotics, Coding, Drone, AI, VR, IoT and everything that promotes STEM education. SP Robotics is a community of students aged 6-17 years who have been creating waves across India with their innovations like Swachh Bot, which even received appreciation from the Prime Minister’s Office! They work on an AI-assisted Digital Learning Platform coupled with fun Hands-on Kits that help students learn various Technologies like Robotics, Coding, Internet of Things (IoT), Drones, Android App Building, Virtual Reality, etc. SP robotics has marked its presence across  27 cities in India with 80+ branches of makers lab, making it India’s largest Maker Labs network. SP Robotics currently imparts STEM education to more than 2 lakh students and plans to enroll 1 million more students by the end of 2021.

Why These Bharat-First Startups Should Not Go Unnoticed. 4

Gurgaon based Health Ed Tech player, Virohan provides professional training for allied healthcare providers (AHPs) such as OT technicians, and Medical Lab technicians using their end to end proprietary tech stack. The startup was founded in 2018 by Kunaal Dudeja, Nalin Saluja, and Archit Jayaswal, with an aim to bridge the demand supply gap for AHPs, which currently stands at ~10 M in 2020, a critical need for India. They have developed an end to end, proprietary technology stack to aggregate Training Providers and standardize operations from job demand prediction to mobilization to training to placements. They have successfully trained over 5,000 students PAN India to date. They also helped in building a covid warrior team during the pandemic by training medical students.

Why These Bharat-First Startups Should Not Go Unnoticed. 5

Bambinos– Bambinos is a multi-category digital academy for extracurricular learning powered by global educators with a vision to make children future-ready and help them to explore their true potential. It goes beyond academics in terms of holistic development for children.They offer courses like creative writing, personality development, bharatanatyam, Gita learning etc. Ashish, the co-founder and CEO of Bambinos believes that learning should not be confined in the four walls of subjective knowledge, but co-curricular activities play an equally important role in making children future ready.

Why These Bharat-First Startups Should Not Go Unnoticed. 6

Frontier Markets– The very unusual idea of a phygital dukan in social commerce platform has successfully given a lot of income opportunity in rural India, especially women. Founded in 2011 by Ajaita Shah, the gender module of the company, which is women centric to empower village women.They have employed more than 10,000 women as Sahelis where they use MeriSaheli application to showcase their products within their reach in villages to generate sales. FM is providing high quality solutions for everyday use in rural India. It is not just a last mile delivery, but offers after sales service making it different from the majority of its competitors. The strategic supply chain and its 48 hours delivery in rural India makes it even more accessible for them.

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