Why Watson Data Platform can be the iTunes for your Big Data


With our general surroundings getting to be noticeably more quick witted and more associated with the development of the Internet, there is critical requirement for a platform that can bolster this blast and guarantee that organizations and customers get the most out of their information. IBM has for quite some time been one of the most developed and problem solving IT businesses in the market and over the most recent couple of years has increased much consideration for the accomplishments of its Watson AI program where the company the new and advanced technology to power Watson Data Platform another approach to use effective investigation on IBM cloud to truly influence the most to out of the given data. As the iTunes, which is custom made for Apple product only, Watson Data Platform want to make their services unique in a way that only few companies are able to apply and provide their customers with such services that they are.

Why Watson Data Platform can be the iTunes for your Big Data

IBM is planning to make Watson Data Platform an accepted working framework for information science in the months ahead as it assembles different capacities and parts and joins them into a cloud-based push to make information more consumable. Watson Data Platform is a gathering of administrations used to get ready, store, ingest, and break down information and after that enable clients to assemble applications over it where these different parts, join to permit different players in the information science natural pecking order to assume a part in taking care of business issues. IBM needs to make Watson Data Platform a dynamic list that can be displayed and shared over all groups and capacities. The organization that makes an information science working framework is likewise liable to assume a major part in computerized reasoning.

Despite of the Watson Data Platform being unique on its services, it has got its pros and cons


  • It is easy to use, share data and collaborate with the same.
  • It can parse literary information truly well.
  • One does not require any coding skills to operate it.
  • When using it, there is no need to write mathematical models and algorithms.
  • It removes hypothesis based analysis.
  • It can access, blend and transform data from many different sources.
  • Easy to export analysis when needed.


  • It may be trail version limitation.
  • It does not understand relational databases.
  • Has got separate tools to load data to the platform.
  • One cannot use user defined functions as in the other platforms.

In conclusion, the Watson Data Platform will replace the old and traditional systems to a better version which will be easy to use and operate. This will also help in the easy storage and analyzing of data as customers will be given the opportunity to chose from the packages provided by the IBM. Since technology is still evolving, the Watson Data Platform is able to upgrade once the upgrades are made by its manufacturer which is the IBM giving room for expansion and keeping up with the technology.

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