Why You Need to Switch To Paperless Sign-in Right Away?

Paperless Sign-in

Are you still using the paper pen method for signing your visitors in? The digital world has advanced in leaps and bounds, and there is absolutely no reason for you to stick to the practices of the yesteryears. Your competitors are gaining advantages over you by managing the visitors better through the smart visitor management system of iLobby. If you are still not convinced that it is the future of visitor management, you should take a look at the reasons explained below.

Reduced Admin Time

Among all the people that work for a company, the front desk employees have the busiest schedule. As they handle the continuous flow of the visitors, they often have to work very hard as well.

The last thing any operator of a company will want is to add some unnecessary workload to the already overwhelming situation. If you are still using the traditional paper pen method for enlisting the information about your visitors, then this is exactly what you are doing to them.

Just consider the time the front desk staff have to invest to import the data collected on the paper sign-in sheets or find out some specific data during the audits. Choosing a smart visitor management system of iLobby can solve this problem once and for all. The front desk employees can find out the relevant data in seconds, and they don’t have to spend any time on boxing, printing, and filing the papers.

Why You Need to Switch To Paperless Sign-in Right Away? 1

Improved First impressions

It does not matter whether you are selling a product to your customers or providing a service to them, your first impression always counts. Even though a person should not judge the book by its cover, most of them do that anyway. Your front desk often acts as the cover page for your business. So, there’s no point in leaving it messy and overcompensated.

If the first thing you hand out to your visitors is a sheaf of paper, they will conclude that you run a messy and unorganized business. You can change the attitude of the customers by simply adopting the paperless smart sign in system of iLobby. The touch screen display of this smart system will give your front desk a sleek and modern feel that is tough to ignore.


No doubt switching to the paperless signing in the process demands a higher upfront cost. But, if you consider the long time worth of this investment, you will understand the benefits clearly.

The price of the sign-in books are on a rise. Obviously, it does not cost as much as the smart system. However, if you accumulate all the prices of the traditional signing books, you will understand the real cost of it.

Even if you try to print your own sheet, just add the costs of paper, printers, ink, toner, general maintenance etc. Printing your own books is not a cheap affair. However, you can write all that off just by using a smart visitor management system.

Good for The Environment

Our continuous habit of printing different papers is slowly but surely suffocating Mother Nature. On average, a person of a developed nation uses about four and a half trees for just printing data on the paper. Until and unless you are planting and growing an equal number of trees each year, this is not a sustainable model.

There’s no doubt that the front desk sign-in book only uses a small percentage of your total usage of paper, this is a good place for you to start making changes. It will not only reduce the amount of wasted paper but also help you to feel good about doing something for your planet.


More often than not, paper sign-in books are not GDPR compliant. It might make you feel uncomfortable, but GDPR compliance protects the data of the customers and makes them feel secure about it. Smart systems like iLobby help you to protect the data of the visitors, which helps them to trust you and your company for future endeavors.

Now that you know all the necessary reasons for you to adopt this smart system of iLobby, why wait? You should get in touch with the professionals to know more about the system and its features. But before doing so, talk with your finance, IT, and Compliance teams to determine the features of the system that can help your business the most. It will also help you to come up with a budget for the system that does not jeopardize the finance of your business in any manner.

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