Wi-fi analytics saas can make retail cool

Wi-fi analytics saas can make retail cool 1

There are a lot of ways to engage a customer visiting a retail store. The marketing people just swarm around them explaining the customer about a new offer which is valid only today or something like that. What if you can make this process way cooler and interesting for the customer? Yes, using Wi-fi Analytics you can tailor the customers’ needs and give updates about offers and ask for the feedback about a product they bought a few days ago.

Why use Wi-Fi Analytics?

You can do multitude of things with Wi-fi Analytics. For example, you can create heat maps and analyse it with the help of big data techniques or machine learning algorithms and learn where the customers are located more and what type of products you can store in the shop according to the customers location.

It is not that difficult to build a Wi-fi analytics platform, you can do it with the existing hardware and infrastructure. You can redirect the customer as soon as he/she switches on your store free Wi-fi. You can take the customer to offers page or link the mobile location to the customer so that you can update them with live offers in that particular section of the store.

Isn’t that cool? One can even build systems which can learn about a particular customer and send newsletters or offers when he/she is not visiting the store often. Why hit the customer as soon as he/she enters the store with marketing people when you can do it all with the help of software. This can be the future of retail.

You know who also uses something similar to Wi-Fi analytics? Google.

Recent survey shows that 60% of the customers research the product online before coming to the store. You can track the behaviour of the customer while browsing. If used right, those updates can convert a browser to a buyer. But the promotions should be customized to the customers interest. Have you ever noticed how google reads all your emails and location history to generate google cards? Yes, google learns you and how you behave and what you do over a period of time and provides you with what you need.

How hard is to setup a Wi-Fi Analytic System?

There are loads of platforms including Cisco, who offer Wi-Fi analytics solutions. Cloud Computing has evolved so much and now we are able to provide Wi-Fi Analytics using SaaS Cloud Infrastructure. Without much hassle anyone can get with internet access can setup a store equipped with Wi-Fi Analytics and start collecting information about their customer base.

Why Wi-Fi Analytics the best solution to retail Marketing?

The first reason you can consider; you don’t have to employ staff to do the job a software can do and may be this software does a better job than a regular marketing employee. The second reason, if the customer doesn’t want to listen to you, they can switch of the Wi-Fi anytime and shop without any distractions. But If they want, they can always get your advice. This way you won’t annoy the customer and also creating a sense of value for him/her.

Is this the future of retail shopping?

This can be the future, but as time goes by more intelligent systems capable of doing things we have not thought of can emerge. But as of now, this seems the near future of retail marketing and shopping. It is very useful to the customers, since they don’t have to go through the ordeal of browsing the entire store. They can follow the updates, get the right offers with no confusion and what is more awesome, all the updates are based on his/her previous purchases or browsing history.

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