Wi-Fi HaLow for IoT Gains Momentum in Commercial Deployments

WBA's Wi-Fi HaLow for IoT is changing the game in farming, smart homes and cities.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Wi-Fi HaLow for IoT Gains Momentum in Commercial Deployments

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) is doing something different for the internet of things (IoT). They are making Wi-Fi HaLow for IoT and it is going to shake things up in farming, smart homes and cities as well.


Wi-Fi HaLow, also known as Wi-Fi Certified HaLow, is like a champion for your devices. It uses special tech to make Wi-Fi work better, especially for sensors and smart gadgets. Picture it as Wi-Fi on steroids but with a longer reach and less power needed.

Why is it cool? HaLow reaches tricky spots, even behind walls. It lasts longer on batteries, connects to more devices and makes gadgets work better as well as longer without quick battery drain. Nice, right?

The WBA is now putting Wi-Fi HaLow to the test in real-life situations. They are testing how well it works in different places like your smart home, busy cities or farms. They want to know all the details – how far it reaches, how fast it sends data and how reliable it is. Just checking all the cool stuff.

The good news does not stop here. The WBA believes that Wi-Fi HaLow could bring some much-needed solutions to common problems in tech. Imagine it as a magical champion in solving connectivity issues without needing fancy and expensive technologies.

The WBA is excited about this and wants to share the secrets of Wi-Fi HaLow with everyone. They want to show how it works in different places like making your home smarter, your city work better and even helping farmers with their crops. Cool, right?

So, get ready for a tech upgrade because Wi-Fi HaLow might just be the hero that IoT needs.

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