Will AI be a Turning Point in Healthcare?

Will AI be a Turning Point in Healthcare?

Artificial intelligence is a shadow in our lives. Big data and analytics is now becoming a key factor in our lives. Healthcare, education, insurance sector, space, agricultural field Big data is bringing great changes. The medical world is advancing with the blessings of applications of Artificial Intelligence. The patients now can see that they are getting treatment in a different way in the hospitals and healthcare clinics. Let’s see how the healthcare industry is getting impacted with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Cost effective

Although investing in Big data for any company or any healthcare initially is bit costly. As they have to also adjust with the new technology. But in the longer run for the patients it can help them to save money. Getting admitted in hospital and paying the doctor’s fees and the hospital charges are bit expensive. The hospitals can also take more patients by shifting the critical patients who are recurring to a general bed. The patients can be supervised and monitored the whole day. The use of tracking devices like smart wearables can help in generating reports.

  • Saving time

The doctors can study the reports from the tracking devices analysis. They can treat more patients with the use of Big data. A patient’s healthcare document can be recorded and it can be referred for any future health conditions. It will save time for the doctors to study the past records. They can start the treatment according to the conditions. Any past critical ailment can also be tracked with Big data.

  • Self analysis

Various health tracking mobile applications are also launched. The smart wearable devices can be linked with the mobile applications. These mobile application data can be transferred to the patients devices. The patients can self treat themselves. From Calorie counting to diabetics check at home all can do. The smart devices can diagnosis the sugar level and also keep a track of the menstrual cycle of the patients.

  • Eliminating repetitive tasks

Often the pathologist or in the labs they have to do repetitive tasks. Like doing X-rays, data entry, CT Scans are repetitive in nature. Big data can help them in doing the tasks in a faster way. The pathologist in the labs can study large number of samples in a shorter time. The reports can also be studied quickly with the help of big data.

  • Virtual Nursing care for the patients

A virtual nursing care treatment can be provided with the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare sector. Molly a digital nurse setup is created to study the health conditions of the patients. They keep a check on the patient’s health till the time the doctor visits. Smart devices like Alexa, Amazon Echo helps in giving relevant information to the patients. They can keep a track record of the patients.

The healthcare industry is investing huge money in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Within the next few years, the sector will be evolved a lot and better service can be provided to the customers.


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