Will Artificial Intelligence replace writers?

Will Artificial Intelligence replace writers? 1

Artificial intelligence is causing an uproar to the entire community. The advanced technology has surpassed an individual’s productivity at work and produce outstanding outputs. Some people are anxious about losing their jobs. You might be asking yourself now, will AI ever replace writers?

According to the Forrester, an analyst firm, they predicted that the AI would replace around 16% of the jobs in the US around 2025. As per PricewaterhouseCoopers, they believe that around 30% of the UK jobs will be taken over by the AI.

These statistics are purely argumentative yet possible. The AI interprets objective views, algorithms, and programmed instructions perfectly. However, it fails to recognize subjective perceptions, emotions, instincts, irrational behavior, and other matters. In this context, we will discuss how AI affects the writing industry and the writers themselves.

AI’s Accuracy is Not Always 100%

Ask yourself first, who made the AI? Just like a human being, this technology is not 100% always correct. Although supercomputers can solve mathematical problems in just a snap, they still have some weaknesses.

To cite an example, Google conducted an accuracy test using ML for supercomputers. They experimented whether it could recognize a cat, but surprisingly, it only produces around 75% accuracy. Whereas, if you ask a preschooler, she will answer promptly in just a blink of an eye.

In that experiment, you will notice that AI has strengths and weaknesses as well. As a wise man said, there are no perfect things in this world, even a computer.

Boost Your Writing Skills

Before we start the argument about AI and writers, let me tell you a story. Somewhere in Japan, there is a confectionery manufacturing company. They used machines to create pastries and cakes in just a few hours or minutes. They can produce a good volume and sell as many as they can. What is the moral of this story? They felt that if no individual who will check the cakes, the taste and flavor might be compromised.

As a bottom line, you cannot rely much on machines alone. You still need to do manual and hands-on work to produce stunning results. You cannot just depend on essay generators and provide you an output. You will surely see the difference between a legit writer versus a machine-made content.

Some people are getting excellent written materials from various sources such as agencies, outsource companies and aggregator websites. Someone might be asking is my admissions essay legit ? Can I find a trustworthy freelancer in Up work? Or is the freelancer website a scam?

Most of the writing agencies and freelancers employ people or do the work themselves. They do not use any AI-related article generators. Although, they used some websites and applications to check the entire composition such as Grammarly, Plagiarism Checker, Keywords, and Readability Test.

Open Your Mind to More Ideas

AI may not be perfect, but it may help your skills to develop. If you’re a writer, you can learn many things about different writing styles, parts of speech, sentence construction, and more. Aside from the technical writing itself, you will also gain knowledge about SEO and marketing strategies. These skills may also help you as a writer, especially if your work deals with businesses, technology, and websites.

A writer is not just an ordinary individual who research the information and write anything it learns from his or her resources. Some writers have their expertise in a field. They trained and nurtured their experience to learn more about the industry.

It’s not the technical writing but the vast knowledge on the subject matter itself. With the aid of AI and technology, you can nourish your skillsets and obtained more experience.

The Verdict

Ask yourself again, what will you expect about your writing career after 5 or 10 years? Well, the answer depends on how you manage to learn with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Although there is a bigger possibility that it may layoff some jobs in the future, you still need to learn and adapt to the changes.

Machines may replace the people, but still, machines need people to operate them. You should be flexible with the changes. No one can tell what lies ahead in the future. However, if you trained yourself to learn as much as you can, you can use these skillsets and knowledge for the future.

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