Windows 10 Creators Update is quite a small major update

Windows 10 Creators Update is quite a small major update2

While insiders always get the first access, the public do get the access when it comes to software very quickly. Similar is the case with Windows Update as the latest update, more popularly known as the creator’s update to the people, is going to become public after having been a rage among the insiders. While it is apparently a small update, the changes are without doubt major ones which make it a significant update nonetheless.

The final build will be available in a short while and for the users of Media Creation tool in Windows 10, it is fantastic news as patches also start emerging to ensure that the update runs smoothly across all platforms. The new version, prophetically termed as creators update, is all about virtual reality and enhancing it for Microsoft. A new Surface Studio version of desktop emerges simultaneously combined with which, Windows now has the power to develop apps for virtual reality, but the devices are yet to arrive as of now.

However, such an update will have full-fledged creative potential once you integrate the software with the device and start optimizing the APIs created with the all new Windows OS. With another major update coming later in the same year, it can be safely said that Windows is surely evolving to the needs to the present.Windows 10 Creators Update is quite a small major update

The browser is a revolution

Windows have often been ridiculed for its disastrously slow Internet Explorer in its early days. However, since the time Edge, Microsoft’s new browser has arrived, things have surely changed quite a bit. In the new update, Edge bears the most visible changes made to it, going with the idea of increasingly immersive browser experience. Not only can you get previews of what you have opened in the multiple tabs through a smart tab expansion, but also there is a ‘set aside’ option that you can use to group all the currently unused tabs together so that you can bring them anytime you need without closing them.

Of course, there are obvious limitations to this feature because you cannot close the browser or the set-aside tabs are gone forever. Beyond that, Edge is now empowered with an e-book reading. Beyond simple PDFS, it can now open EPUB files too which surely benefits a lot of readers. You can now manage your PDF library from the browser too, but sadly, you cannot annotate your PDF files which are surely a loss. However, they have included a mark-up option for PDFs, a useful feature no doubt.

The new browser also comes with real-time communication software for video and voice, faster web payments and has included enhanced support for WebRTC 1.0. Edge is now more secure with little chances of malicious code breaking into the system by powerful hackers. Microsoft has done so by limiting the access of Edge sandbox to quite a few APIs. It has also revolutionized the JavaScript engine called Chakra with JIT compliers now powering the browser. However, it still has a long way to go to become a great browser it is professed to become.

An update for gamers

Creators update has surely targeted gamers because they have introduced a new mode called the game mode which will boost performance while gaming. So, when you play a high-definition, Windows shift the core processor to its needed while shifting additional tasks to the peripheral ones to make most of the GPU. There is a specific API which allows an automatic shift to game mode too. However, this update is yet to have significant impact since even without game mode, the PC seems to run smoothly if it is a well-assembled gaming machine.

However, this does make gaming more consistent with lesser chances of blips and harmonizes the windows in operation. Microsoft’s addition of Beam, a streaming service that is easier to use because of its low latency, in fact has more impact on the gaming world than the so called gaming mode. Again, Beam still has some issues as it seems improperly tested before release. In fact, if you are running any professional video communication app, you will not be getting Beam for that time period. However, it is expected that Microsoft will soon fix such minor bugs when the OS gets real-world testing instead of insider reports.



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