Windows 11 : download, features and release date

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Windows 11 : download, features and release date

Is Windows 11 version out?””Is it available for a download?”How can I downloaded Windows 11 edition?”

These are strident or incessant queries that pop up involuntarily in the minds of innumerable Windows admirers all over the world.

24th June will be treasured in the memory of the Windows lovers, because it’s on this quintessential day when Microsoft announced that they would be coming up with a brand new avatar of Windows OS, namely in the form of Windows 11.

Did you have a thing for Windows 10 OS? In that case, we bet you will be gaga about Windows 11 as it is about to be released in the market.

Let’s take a quick stroll through the features and ancillary elements which make the Windows 11 version such a standout. Also, let us get acclimatised with astounding components as well system requirements  that comprise the sobriety of this NextGen Windows version.

Industry experts would choose to pin inflated hope on this new edition. People in various parts of the world sense that the next-gen edition has the potential to show up as the finest edition of the Windows operating system till date. Looking at the paraphernalia of astounding features which Microsoft has encompassed in this version, it is obvious that Windows 11 ISO will effectually pace up with the technology demands of this era and meet user expectations effortlessly.

A brief look at the annals

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10, with its exclusive range of functionalities. At that point in time, the company was persistent with the decision of not rolling out another version in near future. However, with the advent of new technologies as well as new demands in the market, Microsoft has shifted its focus on creating a premium version, namely Windows 11, with a whole new assortment of features and functionalities. 

As the grapevine resources confide, the company was slated to make some rave announcements regarding the release on the 24th of June. However; as far as the industry vibes confirm, this magnum opus version of the globally leading software is to be up for grabs only at Microsoft official portal.

As of now, the much-anticipated version is slated for a global release somewhere around November 2021. The timing of the release is thought to be sometime around 11 am.

So, what is so special about this new edition?

There is a bevvy of impressive alterations which Microsoft tends to ordain in the forthcoming version of Windows 11.

  • The Start Menu is presumed to have a new makeover.
  • This edition might be sans the Live Titles.
  • The UI will be highly enhanced.
  • It is meant to cater for an optimal gaming experience provided you are an avid PC player or gamer.

Based on the features, you can presume that the newly-rolled-out version of Microsoft Windows will take the marketplace by storm.

A practical prediction

If you happen to use previous versions of Windows ( Such as Windows 10), you will be solicited to upgrade the OS or operating system. Chances are that Microsoft might think of labelling Windows latest version as a paid option. So, the sooner you can download it or upgrade the previous version into this version, the better for you.

Windows 11 OS Download

In case you happen to be an old user of Windows 10 OS, things are going to be less sticky for you. In such a case, you are supposed to go for the free download of the operating system. Apart from making the download, you might have to upgrade the old Windows versions which you might be using at the moment. To accomplish this ordeal, you might need an activation key or a product key.

Features of Windows 11 version

Let us now comprehend and get ourselves acclimatized with the irresistible features which have adorned the aura of this brand new edition from the house of Microsoft. 

  • In this new upgrade, you will get to experience varied forms of animation at the time of opening, shutting down or minimizing the tabs that you are working on.
  • While working on Windows 11 OS, you will experience that Microsoft has enhanced the touch controls to provide the end-users with more flexibility as well as ease of operation.
  • The software giant has also incorporated rounded corners, optimizing your comfort zone.
  • If you prefer to work with the dark mode, you can choose to access it in this update.
  • With amenities such as groups, split-screen, you will don the avatar of a multi-tasking wizard.  

Some other widgets have also been incorporated. Microsoft is expected to unleash the news and information about the other widgets as well.

System Requirements

Alongside talking about the other stuff, you need to get a clear picture of the system requirements for the Windows 11 OS version. So, here it is. The screen resolution would be 1680*1050. The processor would be 1.2 GHz (single-core). You can also get around 18 GB of accessible disk space. 

The final takeaway

According to the industry vibes, avid gamers will win the mileage from this brand new OS. The gaming experience is about to be highly realistic as well as vibrant. The inclusion of AUTO HDR will render more power into the operating system. Veterans believe that it is going to be the most stable edition in the Windows family. So, this OS is something that you can safely and confidently wager on.

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