Windows 11 New Features, and Release Date

Windows 11 : download, features and release date

Windows 11 was released on the 5th of October 2021. But most Windows 10 devices are likely to be offered the update straight away. Moreover, you should expect to be able to get access to the final bits in the form of an ISO file. You can even download the ISO and use it to manually upgrade to Windows 11 or to install Windows 11 on bare metal.

Microsoft will now be going to offer Windows 11 with the help of Windows Update to existing devices that were manufactured in the last couple of years. But those devices should have both the drivers and hardware that have proven to work well with the Windows 11 in the Insider program.

As Windows 11 gets installed on a wider hardware base, more users will be automatically offered the Operating System with the help of Windows update. Microsoft is also expecting that all the users with compatible hardware should be offered Windows 11 by the mid of 2022.

Windows 11 New Features, and Release Date 1

What are the key features?

Android application on Windows: With the help of a partnership with the Amazon App Store, Microsoft will going to support some Android applications, as highlighted by a quick promo of TikTok at the time of the company’s event. This comes with an essential caveat; Amazon App Store does not have a robust selection as, say, Google Play.

In an interview which has been revealed, Amazon is a great partner and said working with the e-commerce giant aligned with the Microsoft plans but also left the door open for some other marketplaces to get involved.

Snap layout for applications: Microsoft put a great emphasis on multitasking with the introduction of Snap layouts tailored to the size of your screen. Users can spread out various layouts in different configurations, such as side by side or even four at a time to maximize the efficiency at a faster pace. You can even resize Windows on touch screens by pinching or spreading out on a new window. You can also set Snap configuration to group application by topic such as “work”.

Smoother docking: Nothing is much more fun than docking or undocking a computer and watching applications on another display disappear. Microsoft revealed that whenever you dock or undock in Windows 11, you no longer have to reconfigure the applications.

Multiple typing options: Moreover, physical keyboards and onscreen keyboards are available, but in one demonstration featuring a Microsoft surface, users can also add a smartphone size keyboard in the corner of the screen so that you can operate with one hand. There is also voice typing if you want to ditch the keyboard altogether.

Widgets: Windows 11 will now going to reveal widgets where users can pull various information such as news, weather and some other details. Users can also either open a full window to review all their widgets or slide along one side of the screen.

A new experience looks for the Microsoft Store. On top of adding android applications, the Microsoft Store experience gets a cleaner look expected to provide faster performance.

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