WinZO startup initiates mobile gaming with real money

WinZO startup initiates mobile gaming with real money 1

The agile development in the digital foundation has developed the enhancement in the number of gamers and game inaugurating and growing organizations in the nation like India and throughout the globe, according to a current report by KPMG.

Thus, the report reveals and depicts the development of expanding smartphone affordability and entrance in the smartphone world while developing the web client base and reducing the data expenses.

The report, further states that the count of game creating organizations of the sector in India have stretched to nearly 250 as in the year 2018 from scarcely 25 in the year 2010, previously. While heading further, the startup, in the gaming era, undergoes by implementing approximately 25 games in vernacular language based in Delhi as WinZO Games.

The startup was established in 2018 by Paavan Nanda, the Co-Founder of ZO Rooms. The startup offers a variety of recreations and looks after the genuine cash for taking part and winning the successful games.

WinZO is the gaming platform that presently offers games in various eight languages that involve English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, and Marathi. Furthermore, the platform critically caters its users with approximately 25 games that involve carrom, cricket, bubble shooter, fruit samurai, knife up, memory mania, fantasy league, and trivia-based questions.

Also, the platform allows its users to play alone or in teams or groups of friends during the game and thus, win successfully with real cash on the app itself.

The game WinZo, offers a platform for the users to interact with numerous games in the multi-player mode with a minor amount of transaction fee from the amount won by the users. These charges may include the lowest of nearly 10 rupees from the earned amount.

This seems similar to the poker game criteria where people place money to join the table, and by winning the game, they win the cash amount, as reported by the co-founders.

Adding to the conceptualization, India shelters to nearly 250 companies that offer the platform of gaming sectors. WinZo, now, is not only looking after the non-metro smartphone users but also caters as the vernacular social contesting platform, by BakBuck.

BakBuck is shouldered by Nazara Technologies that offer the games of India with ‘antakshari,’ ‘saanp seedhi,’ and ‘tol mol ke bol,’ and many more with various online contests that provide users to play anytime they want with anyone in their teams, included.


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