Wipro Launches Automotive Innovation Center in Detroit

Wipro Launches Automotive Innovation Center in Detroit 1

Wipro has now opened up an automotive innovation center in Detroit, Michigan to tap the automotive community and allied industry.

The Bangalore headquartered software services exporter revealed in a report that the state of the art technology hub would now be going to deepen Wipro relationship with the Detroit automotive community, develop and showcase next-generation technologies and solutions for an original automotive manufacturer, technology companies, insurers, tier 1 suppliers and others.

In 2017, Wipro opened up with an automotive engineering center in Detroit, which uses the local talent for development, design, and validation of automotive cockpit electronic products such as navigation system, end to end connected vehicle solutions and connectivity systems.

The facility which will now be going to serve as a hub where the automotive manufacturers, auto industry forums, technology partners, analysts can now collaboration on the ideas, will develop and showcase solutions which uses the analytics, Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, crowdsourcing, and cloud.

The company revealed that the hub would now be going to evangelize connected vehicle technologies with an in-vehicle human-machine interface, onboard sensor data management, end-user mobile apps and big data analytics for delivering personalized mobility or driving experiences.

“The convergence of automotive and digital tech is more important now, than ever before, to create a new ecosystem that will drive the new rules of success for automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Wipro is committed to collaborating with OEMs and Tier-I Suppliers at the heart of the automotive industry to build an ecosystem that fosters innovative and path-breaking solutions for our customers,” Milan Rao, President – Marketing, Innovation & Technology and Global Head – Manufacturing & Communications Business, Wipro, was quoted saying.

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