Wipro to create automation solutions with Rockwell Automation’s

Bangalore based software services provider Wipro has now partnered with the US-headquartered Rockwell Automation to provide up with industrial automation solutions.

Wipro has now struck the partnership with is arm WIN Automation Solutions as a part of efforts to click the growing industrial automation market.

The company is now targeting a revenue of $100 Million in half a decade with the industrial automation solution WIN chief executive office Pratik Kumar revealed.

“We are pretty much at the start of our journey for WIN Automation solutions,” Kumar was quoted as saying. “As a directional number, we think $100 million in the next five years is something which is doable. It could be a combination of organic and inorganic [growth].”

Industrial automation solutions include the data analytics that triggers recalls of automobiles, detection of manufacturing defects in assembly lines and overall better usage of machines or assets for the maximum productivity in a plant.

The report also claimed that the industrial automation market in India is pegged at $2 Billion with system integrations expected to the control at least $400 million of it.

Rockwell Automation covers the industrial control components, motor control devices, cover control system, network technology, safety technology, industrial security, and information software.

Wipro has also been moving towards providing more solutions around some of the emerging technologies such as design thinking, artificial intelligence, and analytics.

On last Wednesday, Wipro had also said that it was setting up a new automotive innovation center in Detroit, Michigan, to deliver the technology solutions to OEM, tier 1 supplier insurers and technology companies.

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