Wipro’s infra engineering arm begins supplies Components to Boeing

The aerospace business unit of Wipro, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering has now begun the shipment of the part supplies to the Boeing from its plant near the Bangalore International airport. Wipro Engineering is a part of the software service major Wipro Enterprises.

Boeing has also contracted the Wipro Infrastructure Aerospace to manufacture the strut assemblies for the 737 MAX and next generation 737 programmes of airplanes.

“This gives us the confidence to engage with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Boeing and others for more of their future programmes,” said Pratik Kumar, chief executive officer, WIN, adding that this also means India is continuing to emerge as a supplier hub to such global OEMs.

For the WIN, the company officials revealed that the stringent qualification competitiveness and parameters which are needed to be eligible for this programme boost up its confidence to tap with such more work contracts in the near future.

Both the company WIN and Boeing have partnered in the last couple of years explaining the level of support to the jet manufacturer. The company has even provided up with some of the various componentry and aerostructures for the 737, 767, and 787 Dreamliner programmes with its facility which is available in Israel.

“Boeing’s partnerships with Indian suppliers play an important part in Boeing’s global strategy. Boeing’s agreement with Wipro Aerospace demonstrates our commitment to developing the aerospace industry here,” Ashwani Bhargava, director, Supply Chain, Boeing India, was quoted in a press release.


Written by Udit Agarwal

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